A new LED lighting driver design

1 Design concept and plan

As one of the latest lighting technologies, LEDs are as good as their predecessors. His advantages are not only reflected in the quality of lighting, but also in his production, manufacturing and ease of use.

To design a high-power semiconductor driver, we must first consider the three aspects of driving circuit design, secondary optical design, and equipment packaging from the selection of light-emitting chips and the light source.

In the LED lighting, there is a successful design case of monochromatic LED to stimulate phosphor light emission, but considering this scheme is difficult to achieve full spectrum, high color rendering, in this design, RGB three primary color mixed light source, and red The three green and blue monochromatic LED chips are separately driven to realize the completion of the light source. In order to meet the illuminance stability under high-power output, it is necessary to compensate for the LED temperature attenuation, and also to compensate for the unstable fluctuations of the surge pulse and current at startup. In the secondary optical design, the three primary colors are mainly mixed, and the fiber coupling is selected in the comparison of the integrating sphere mixing and the fiber coupling, and the light of the three color chips is coupled and output by the fiber coupling.

2 LED characteristics - optical and electrical

For the characteristics of theUltra brightness LED, the forward voltage exceeds a certain threshold (approximately 2V), the known voltage switch can be contacted only with VF which is the maximum 1A current upto of the intermediaten bright.Ultra IF bright LED, while ventricular fibrillation is usually 2.4 The optical properties of V.Comme LEDs are generally considered to be introduced to the current functions. Do you like the function of voltage? The constant current source driver can be better controlled. The luminosité.En of the LED is further increased. The range (can reach more than four), small changes in ventricular fibrillation can lead to major changes in the intermediate frequency, resulting inofImportant changes luminosité.Par Therefore, using a constant voltage LED light source driver can not guarantee the consistency and reliability of the LED life and lumière Therefore, the super bright LED is usually driven by the current source constant. The LED is inversely proportional to the flow rate and temperature. The flow rate at 25 ° C is 25 ° C is half the time, but when the temperature is 25 ° C - 40 ° C, the light output is 1.8 fois. The length ofwavelength of the Température LED has a certain effect, therefore, a good heat dissipation ensures that the brightness of the LED does not change.

3 mixed light scheme

The three-primary additive mixed light means that the three primary colors of light can be mixed to obtain a white light source and grayscale light. For LEDs, according to the chromaticity diagram published by the International Commission on Illumination CIE, the color of light is related to the ratio of the three primary colors R, G, B, and there are r(λ)+g(λ)+b(λ)=1. The main problem of LED RGB synthetic white light is that the conversion efficiency of green light is low. Now the conversion efficiency of red, green and blue LEDs reaches 30%, 10% and 25% respectively. Because of the different color temperature and color rendering index required for synthetic white light, There are also different lumens efficiencies for the various colored LEDs. When different ratios of pulse width currents are provided to the three light-emitting chips, illumination sources of different gray levels can be output, and if multi-level gray scale calculation is implemented for the light mixing ratio, full color dimming can be approached. In order to improve the light mixing efficiency, common solutions include integrating sphere mixing and mixing rod mixing. In order to reduce the package size of the device, the solution uses fiber-coupled light mixing, even if the light emitted by the three chips is injected into the fiber at the focus through the convex lens, and the light is mixed in the fiber, and the mixed light is sent out to the concave lens output through the fiber.

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