Alternative to rare earth extraction of new alloys as LED light source phosphors

LED is a type of light source that is currently favored on the market. It has better performance than traditional incandescent bulbs and has a longer service life. However, the phosphor of the white LED light source uses a rare earth element, and the main function is to emit a longer light wave from the LED chip, so that the bulb emits visible light of a full spectrum.

The mining and processing of rare earths is quite dangerous. At present, China is the only country in the world to provide a considerable number of countries, which has led to the rise in the price of rare earths. For this reason, the research team led by Prof. Jing Li from Rutgers University in New Jersey is the LED light. The source successfully found an alternative solution.

The research team has extracted a new alloy from a very cheap and abundant copper iodide that can replace the rare earth as a source of LED light. The most important thing is that this extraction method is relatively simple and cost-effective. In addition, by adjusting the color and intensity, it can adjust the white light that is warmer than the existing LED.

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