AMD 28nm Southern Islands Launched in Q2 2012

With the addition of 40nm OEM orders, AMD’s next cooperation with TSMC is the 28nm GPU graphics card, but it seems to be far away.

According to Taiwan’s “China Economic News Agency” (CENS), AMD recently issued more production orders to TSMC in order to ensure the market supply of the Brazos APU fusion processor, especially since March, when it officially entered the Chinese mainland market. It is reported that AMD even hopes to obtain all the new production capacity increased by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Fab 12 and Fab 14 wafer fabs this year, thus providing a strong backing for its APU. .

Further, "AMD even plans to issue an exclusive order to TSMC in the second quarter of 2012 to manufacture its 28nm southern island graphics chip."

If this news is true, AMD's Radeon HD 7000 series of next-generation graphics card will not be put into production and release until more than a year later, obviously much later than we expected. Of course, considering that the mid- to low-end models of Radeon HD 6000 series will enter the retail market in the next quarter, the progress of TSMC's 28nm process will not be too fast, even if it will contribute 2-3% of revenue in the fourth quarter of this year, Can't expect too much.

TSMC's 28nm process line has already begun mass production. However, initial production capacity is very limited. It is estimated that only about 5,000 wafers can be produced per month. This obviously cannot meet the needs of AMD and NVIDIA for mass production of graphics chips. It is precisely because of this NVIDIA Kal- El Tegra 3 mobile processor continued to choose 40nm, and claimed that 28nm did not play this year.

Of course, TSMC itself is not in a hurry. Altera, Xinlinx, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Qualcomm, and Renesas Electronics have taken the lead in ordering. AMD and NVIDIA are just a matter of time, even Apple (A5 processor) and Texas Instruments All of them will come to you one after another. What you need to worry about is not business, but only enough production.

Drum type Rice Cooker



This type rice cooker is famous with drum type appearance, which is easy operation and easy clean.

There are two type of inner pot ,  one type called white pot which is without non-stick but cheaper price .another one called non-stick pot is polished with emery, Also there are two type non-stick with different price ,it`s depending on different demands to use.


And the inner pot cannot be burned on the stove, which will make the pot transfigured and bad contact with the heating plate. While cooking , the heating plate or the fuse is most likely to be burned for the bad contact of the inner pot and the heating plate, Besides, make sure to dry the pot before putting into the outer shell of the rice cooker ,or else the drops of water flowing on the heating plate, will make the heating plate rusted.



Many peoples are used drum type rice cooker for congee and soup, some of peoples are prefer to use this type rice cooker for steaming.

Drum Rice Cooker

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