Analyze two kinds of LED-specific epoxy resin potting glue

LED package special epoxy resin glue 802A/B

product description

● This product is a special package glue for light-emitting diode ( LED ). After mixing, it has low viscosity, good fluidity, easy defoaming and long service life.

● It can be cured at medium or high temperature, and the curing speed is fast;

● After curing, the occupancy rate is small, the moisture resistance is good, the gloss is good, and the hardness is high;

● The cured product has good mechanical strength, excellent electrical properties, resistance to damp heat and atmospheric aging;

Appearance and physical properties

Model 802A 802B

Color transparent lavender liquid transparent liquid

Specific gravity 25 ° C 1.04g / cm3 1.03g / cm3

Viscosity 25°C 4000-6000cps 200-250cps

Shelf life 25°C 6 months 3 months


Mixing ratio: A: B = 100: 100 (weight ratio)

Mixing viscosity 25 ° C: 650-900 cps

Gel time: 150 ° C × 85-105 seconds

Available time: 25°C×4 hours

Curing conditions: Initial curing 120 ° C -125 ° C × 35-45 minutes late curing: 120 ° C × 6-8 hours or 130 ° C × 6 hours

● The surface of the product to be sealed needs to be kept dry and clean;

● According to the ratio of the ratio, and the weighing is accurate, please remember that the ratio is the weight ratio rather than the volume ratio. After mixing the A and B agents, stir well to avoid incomplete curing.

● After mixing evenly, please fill the glue in time and try to use the mixed glue within the available time.

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