Billion Light's first quarter profit increased by up to 35%

After the first quarter of Lunda's profit increased nearly five times, the packaged leading factory Yiguang was equally profitable. The first quarter after-tax net profit was 567 million yuan (NTD, the same below), with an annual growth rate of 35%, a record for the same period. The new high record, the net profit per share after tax is 1.31 yuan. Overall, the LED industry's profit in the first quarter was thin and fat, and the LED packaging factory was relatively prominent.

According to the earnings report released by Everlight, the first quarter revenue reached 7.233 billion yuan, the average gross profit margin reached 24.71%, and the performance remained at a level. The net profit after tax was 567 million yuan, 35% higher than that of the same period last year. In the fourth quarter, it grew 3.09%, setting a new record for the same period of the previous year. The net profit per share after tax was 1.31 yuan, which is a few LED factories with substantial profits.

Yiguang said that since June, shipments have increased, Led Lighting and backlights have seen a rise in demand. Although the peak season effect is later than expected, the second half of the year is not pessimistic.

Yiguang has bought the new plant site of Miaoli Tonglu, and launched a 5 billion yuan convertible corporate bond raising plan. The group will subscribe for 251 million yuan, accounting for 5.02% of the CB quota. The group is also holding a new century. 5% of the major shareholder, Yiguang is a heavyweight customer of Taiwan in the new century, and through a capital injection, it forms a certain degree of alliance.

Ronda was also invited by Fubon Securities yesterday to release the outlook for the legal person. The third season will show good growth momentum. The kinetic energy in the peak season will be postponed from the second quarter to the third season. In order to cater to the fluctuation of the economy, Longda Lei The monthly production capacity of wafers is expected to expand to 300,000 pieces (about 2 inches of wafer calculation).

Previously, Philips and Osram announced the impact of the LED division, and hit the LED stocks. The index once stood tens of thousands of points. LED stocks continued to slump. Yesterday, the wafer factory started self-help in the new century and announced the launch of the treasury stock for this wave of LEDs. Since the stock market fell, the first LED factory to offer the treasury stock mechanism can be regarded as the bottoming indicator.

In the new century, it is expected to buy 5,000 treasury stocks from today (15) to July 14 and buy back the price of 12-20 yuan. There are 72 MOCVD machines in the new century. This year, the equipment will be upgraded. Upgrade from 2 inches to 4 inches to increase production capacity.

The LED industry has entered the inventory revision since the second half of last year. This year's peak season effect is not as good as last year. Only moderate growth, coupled with the world's two major lighting factories, cutting led lighting business and impacting LED stocks, Jingdian's share price is still lower than the net value per share. Ronda's share price is far less than Cree's share price of 30 yuan, and Everlight is barely holding 70 yuan.

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