Cao Lijun: Terminal experience to promote green lighting

[Foreword]: In recent years, goodfeel, green environmental protection has become the theme of world development. At the same time, the Chinese lighting industry has also ushered in a new era of "green lighting". Energy-saving lighting is an important connotation of green lighting, and energy conservation and emission reduction is also a national macro policy. On December 20, 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Interim Measures for the Administration of Financial Subsidy Funds for Efficient Lighting Products Promotion, which provided real economic support for the promotion of energy-saving lighting. However, in the energy-saving promotion in 2008, due to poor channels and low consumer awareness, the promotion was blocked.

In this context, the author interviewed relevant government departments, lighting industry associations, in-depth energy-saving lamp production enterprises and the majority of lighting consumers, in the promotion of green lighting concepts and energy-saving lamps to play the role of the media.

Cao Lijun, Marketing Director of Ou Dier, tells the story of the promotion of small ghosts

[Author]: Hello, Mr. Cao, first of all, thank you for accepting the interview of Sohu Focus Home Network Lighting Channel. Ou Dier's small ghost as a well-known energy-saving lamp brand Lu Ding Ji, I want to listen to your understanding of green lighting.

Green from raw materials to production

[Cao Lijun]: The "Green Olympics" promoted by our country this year has made everyone more aware of green. The concept of green, I think the first one is to be environmentally friendly, or to be in line with nature. The other one is energy saving. Why put energy conservation in the green concept? Because in lighting, energy saving is mainly reflected in power saving, our country generates electricity through thermal power in a large amount, and lighting is energy-saving, which is a great contribution to the environment.

[Author]: So how do you put this green concept into your products?

[Cao Lijun]: There are two aspects to implementing the product, one is energy saving, because energy saving itself is green. The other is that from the material of the product itself, the material must be environmentally friendly and not contaminated. In our products, the first is energy conservation. There are standards in this country and internationally. The standards set by our company are higher than the national standards. The second is that we check the material of the product, and the other is to be green in the production process. If you can't do environmental protection in the production process and cause a lot of pollution, then you can't say it is green.

[Author]: From the results of our national consumer survey, consumers are enthusiastic about energy-saving products, but their awareness is not too high. In particular, this year's national financial subsidies for energy-saving lamps, many consumers do not know where to buy.

[Cao Lijun]: From the perspective of promotion, I feel that the government's promotion is not enough. Financial subsidies may only be an aspect of promotion, and more need to let consumers know the benefits of energy-saving lamps and know how to buy energy-saving lamps. For example, a large number of rural markets are filled with four or five energy-saving lamps. The quality of such lamps is often not guaranteed, and it will not take long to break. All people say that energy-saving lamps are "energy-saving and not cost-effective."

From the perspective of the enterprise, there are actually many enterprises that are truly energy-conscious, but after all, the number is limited, and the scale and resources may be limited. Especially under the impact of some inferior products, it has caused great trouble to enterprises.

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