Car audio conversion must understand the collocation knowledge

Car audio is also the same as the home audio system, it is necessary to pay attention to match, especially the HI-FI level audio equipment, with the right mix, can fully exert the potential of the system, if mismatched, it will produce a "bottleneck effect", that is, the sound quality is not It is determined by the excellent part of the link, but depends on the worst link. In this way, the sound quality may not meet their own requirements, but also cost money and cause unnecessary waste. Therefore, knowing the knowledge of the car audio in advance is very necessary for the riders who are preparing to modify the car audio.

When collocation system, the following two aspects are mainly considered: first, the matching of power in each link, and second, the sound orientation of different brand equipment.

The matching of power in each link is the most important factor in the collocation process. It directly determines the quality of the output sound, but it is very simple to grasp. The riders guarantee that they will learn.

Power matching principle: The main components of car audio are the machine head, power amplifier and speaker. The rated power of the machine head can be equal to or slightly less than the rated power of the power amplifier, so that not only good sound but also cost savings can be obtained. Of course, if not Considering the price problem, the power of the head is as large as possible; and the rated power of the power amplifier is equal to or slightly larger than the rated power of the speaker. If the power of the power amplifier is too small, the speaker is not good, especially the details of the music elements and the low frequency, if the power of the amplifier If it is too big, it will waste resources, that is, power consumption. It is fuel consumption in the vehicle. In addition, the larger the power amplifier, the higher the price. Similarly, if you don't consider the price issue, the bigger the amplifier, the better.

For most consumers, choosing a good amplifier is more important than choosing a brand-name speaker or head, that is, you need to invest more money on the amplifier than the speaker or the nose, which makes it easier to get good sound. .

Principle of sound orientation: Different brands have different sound orientations, and random matching is likely to reduce the sound quality of the entire system. In the field of audio, there are three main types of voices: European, American, and Japanese. These three types of sounds are distinctly characterized. The European voice pays attention to the restoration of sound, paying attention to the original taste. Reality and rigor are the most important manifestations. The American voice is more emphasis on the enhancement of low frequency, paying attention to shock, and is as rough and heroic as the western cowboy; The Japanese voice likes to beautify and modify the sound. Although it is not original, the modified sound is indeed quite suitable for many people. At present, the equipment of domestic brands mostly belongs to American sound and Japanese sound. DB drive is a relatively representative American sound brand.

Therefore, when choosing a car stereo, you should first consider what type of music you like. If you like music like rock and heavy metal, you should choose equipment with American sound as a match, and then consider importing from the price. Or a domestic brand. And if you like to listen to the sound of vocals and instrumental music, then the equipment with European sound performance is the first thing you should consider; if you like to listen to pop music or light music, then Japanese sound equipment with beautifying sound is your best. select. In the specific purchase, you need to ask for the performance style of each equipment, or tell the conversion master what type of music you like, the professional will match you according to your preferences.

In addition, the most expressive part of the sound orientation is the power amplifier and the speaker link. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the consideration of these two links.

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