Comparison of three end-to-end throughput testing tools

There are currently three common test methods for throughput testing:
1) Data packet analysis (header analysis, statistics)
2) End-to-end type
3) Use SNMP for data statistics

Even recent experiments have used end-to-end test methods, mainly using the following three procedures:
Necheck's Qcheck, netperf developed by HP's software development department, and the pathrate package maintained by the Georgia Tech laboratory
pathload program).

Qcheck official instructions
NeTIQ's endpoint download address
The non-installed version of my package (WINDOWS)
http: //

Netperf official website
http: //NetperfPage.html
download link

pathrate set official website
http: //Constantinos.Dovrolis/pathrate.html
http: //Constantinos.Dovrolis/pathload.html

NetIQ's Qcheck test throughput is performed through the communication of the endpoint program. The question of whether the endpoint can be installed on the tested operating platform is very important. I have successfully installed it on FreeBSD, RedHat Linux, and WINNT systems ( Fr
eeBSD is installed through the BIN binary package, LINUX is installed through the RPM package). Netperf itself is recommended to be installed through the source code under the * NIX system, while the WINNT system only needs to work through the BIN binary program they provide directly, even in LINU
The software was successfully used through source code installation under X, and the WINDOWS binary program provided by the official itself can also be successfully operated.
But under FreeBSD, no matter whether it is installed using source code or PORTS COLLECTION (which has been upgraded by cvsup), the installation cannot be successfully passed, and the official does not provide BIN binary packages, so personally feel that the compatibility is general. pathrate / pathload is released as source code. After tar is decompressed, ./configure && make can directly get what you want (as long as you have cc / gcc
), Can be said to be the gospel of the * NIX system, but if you use the WINDOWS system, it is estimated that cygwin is required, so the compatibility is also general.

Professional level:
Qcheck is a program that runs under WINDOWS, GUI interface operation, only a few buttons, very easy to use, but there are limited ways to test: response value (identify operating system version, endpoint version), standard throughput test, simulate special UDP call , Tracerout
e, as the information output by Detail is also very limited, so it is only suitable for beginners. Netperf uses the command line to operate. The server starts the netserver program. The client can get feedback data by connecting to the server through the netperf program. It supports the adjustment of multiple measurement parameters. It is relatively simple to operate and supports three tests: batch Flow detection, request / response test, system CPU load, suitable for more professional use. The pathrate package (pathrate is used to measure bandwidth and pathload is used to measure throughput) is run through the server * _snd monitoring, the client sends a request using * _rcv, and * _snd provides feedback data. The parameters can be adjusted. There are few, but the feedback data is very professional and detailed, and the author has made great efforts in the algorithm of measuring bandwidth and throughput, in order to reduce the measurement error, so this suit is more suitable for laboratory research this type of low error project Use.

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