Electric car charging habit

Research that has been looking for charging habits for electric vehicles has not been very rewarding. One of the IWC meetings at the end of August of this year was the description of "Customer Charging Behavior" Morgan Davis-Infrastructure Working Council - August 30, 2011. The specific content of this research, you can look at it yourself, but some things need to be picked out here.

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Many of the Americans who have seen the daily travel distance, the data from the "Summary of Travel Trends: 2009 National Household Travel Survey" PDF and XLSX, there are many references and papers on the NHTS website, interested Can look at it. The study of all charging habits is based on the driving habits of the car. This picture should be relatively primitive.


After determining this parameter, it is actually very meaningful data. Determining where the car is parked is actually a very important piece of data. In the picture below, a statistical analysis of the time allocation of a car is given.


Then in the file, the method is introduced, mainly to study the relationship between the charging mode and the vehicle, including the charging power, charging mode and power load, etc., which are not excerpted. Take a picture as an example:


in conclusion:

Short driving distances generally mean small charging needs.

The limitations of pure electric vehicles make PHEV and EREV develop faster, and these vehicles are much less dependent on the charging infrastructure.

Shared charger model may be ideal for non-BEV vehicles.


This kind of multi-head charger is actually sharing a certain current. According to this conclusion, it is of great significance for the PHEV and EREV with smaller batteries, and it is cheaper and saves space for investment in power facilities.

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