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It is not uncommon for an average citizen to have four or five mobile phone chargers as "chicken ribs." The EU alone will generate more than 50,000 tons of electronic waste each year. On February 8, Yumeng announced the prototype of the first universal charger for mobile phones. The new charger charges the mobile phone through a micro USB plug. The EU hopes that this charger will be suitable for all future mobile phones.

In an interview with the reporter, it was discovered that although mobile phone chargers are still varied, more and more new mobile phones use micro USB charging ports in Shanghai and even in the national market. I believe that in the near future, a mobile phone charger will be able to mess up "N" mobile phones.

The new charger has been mass-produced in EU member states this year, and there are more than 30 mobile phone chargers. In June 2009, the European Commission announced in Brussels that the world’s top 10 mobile phone makers voluntarily signed a memorandum of understanding to plan to provide a unified standard mobile phone charger. On November 29 last year, the European Commission formally announced the unified standard for mobile phone chargers, requiring that mobile phones use the micro USB charging port in a unified manner.

The first-generation mobile universal charger will be put into mass production in the European Union market in the first half of this year. Considering that consumers replace a mobile phone every two years, it is estimated that it will take two years for the new charger to dominate the market as the number of mobile phones matching the universal charger increases in the market.

The unified mobile phone charging standard is an absolute environmental protection move. According to the Global Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), the implementation of the new mobile phone charger standard will reduce more than 50,000 tons of excess chargers each year, and will reduce 13.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the EU, universal chargers may be extended to notebooks, digital cameras, MP3s, and other digital products in the future.

14 mobile phone manufacturers support the reporter learned from the relevant websites of the European Union that currently there are 14 mobile phone manufacturers that support this standard, including Apple, Huawei, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. The market share of these mobile phone manufacturers in the EU market is more than 90%.

"I'm currently using the iPhone and the iPod, but the charging interfaces and chargers for the two Apple devices are not the same," said Mr. Ge, an Apple fan. Apple, which has used its proprietary interface for a long period of time, also appeared on the support list, which was the most surprising to the industry.

It is reported that whether Apple plans to add an extra port on the fifth-generation iPhone or replace the current base connector with micro-USB is not yet clear. "If Apple really made a technological change for Europe, it may not forget other markets around the world," said industry sources.

● Micro USB charging port Micro USB is a new type of USB interface that supports both charging and data transmission functions. It can guarantee the compatibility of different brands of chargers, also covers safety, electromagnetic radiation and other aspects. On February 8, the European Union announced the universal mobile phone charger. One end is connected to the mobile phone's micro USB charging port, and the other end can be directly plugged into the power supply. After charging with the micro USB interface, the charging time for most mobile phones is about 2 hours. Individual larger batteries may take up to 6 hours. The most convenient is that in the future different brands, or different types of mobile phones, can use the same charger to charge, and buy a new mobile phone does not need to buy a charger.

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