Haier 105吋5K Curved TV Debuts at 2015 IFA Exhibition

In addition to the large number of new white goods, Haier also exhibited a variety of smart products such as 78-inch curved TVs and 55-inch 4K TVs. The ultimate visual experience was frequently praised by domestic and foreign merchants, highlighting its technological leadership in the fields of 4K, curved surfaces, and intelligence. At the same time, Haier's 105-inch large-screen TV will be used to create IMAX theaters in the exhibition area and attract many merchants to stop watching. .

Haier LCD TV Atmosphere Exhibition Stand

105" 5K Large IMAX TV

105" 5K Large IMAX TV

Haier TV's wood grain design is also relished by domestic and foreign merchants. Under the trend of home appliances, the wood grain design rich in natural elements compared to metal or plastic appearances allows products to better integrate into the home environment. Haier TV's large area of ​​wood grain arc surface design technology is very difficult, in materials and craftsmanship with BMW, Bentley and other high-end car interiors to the same level.

78” 4K curved LED TV

Ornate metal frame

More 55" 4K Ultra HD UHD LCD TV Showcase

Today, Haier has made great achievements in overseas markets. Not only does it have a factory in Russia, it supplies exclusively for overseas markets, and it is aggressively expanding into European and American markets. Whether it is white household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, or black appliances such as TVs, Haier’s Products have gradually gained the trust of European and American users, and the brand's popularity has also increased. Believe that in the future, Haier will go further and further on the world stage.

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