Helping companies refine their recruitment with big data and artificial intelligence

After ten years of management work, I saw more in-person relationships. After discovering that there were many mismatches in the recruitment process, Jiang Haifeng finally decided to solve the problem of China's recruitment market through entrepreneurship. Since then, Naren Network: A new online recruitment platform that combines big data with artificial intelligence has been born.

Find the right one, not the best

Recruitment is a connection problem. For modern enterprises, the requirements of employing people are no longer limited to factors such as graduation from prestigious schools and high education. It is everyone's unanimous wish to "not find the right ones." It seems that there are more opportunities, but the fact is that the company can't find the right person, and the job seeker can't find a suitable job. Founder, Xiaomi, Qunar and other HR recruitment data show: an average of 300-400 resumes, screening 13-15 about the beginning, and finally can achieve one.

“The extensive economic growth mode has been completed, and the future will be transferred to refined development. The employment of enterprises will be refined, and the production capacity of individuals will be more valued. In the past, extensive recruitment did not better develop personal potential. In the future, corporate recruitment will be more considered." Jiang Haifeng said.

Co-founder Li Wei told reporters that one of the characteristics of Naren is online evaluation. There are more than 1,000 dimensions of assessment mechanism on the platform, including personal personality, industry background and learning background. Through the logical analysis and evaluation of the evaluation data, it is possible to provide each company with a suitable candidate with more precision.

Today's enterprises are more respectful of people, and their management is more flat. Compared with the past, they have more care for people. Every employee is a gear in the enterprise. Choosing the right gear can make the whole enterprise work. The employee gear can also play its own role. If the company recruits the right people, it can reduce the cost of management and training in the later stage.

Therefore, in the future, people will increasingly need a recruitment platform like Naren.

When "artificial intelligence" meets recruitment

The entire software system of the people is based on the application of data.

The strategic significance of big data technology is not to master huge data information, but to specialize in these meaningful data. Simply put, the data itself has no value, and the analysis of the data is valuable.

In addition to the traditional static data analysis, there are also artificial intelligence-based data analysis that has been researched and developed – an interview analysis based on an interviewer's or human perspective.

"The machine will not be affected by subjective problems. We will build the human-gang matching model based on the experience of ten years of research and development. In the future, we hope that the software system of the people can replace the interviewer." Jiang Haifeng said. Since the establishment of the company, 90% of the cost has been in the research and development of software systems. Through continuous trial and improvement, the current personnel matching model is equivalent to a recruiting specialist with two years of experience.

In the original football stadium, basketball stadium or other competition venues, the advertisements, notices or publicity in the on-site stadium are realized by spraying cloth. The display content is single, imperfect, and can not be reused. The dismantled spraying cloth causes waste, recycling difficulty, pollution and a series of problems, which can not meet the needs of modern competition. The demand of the market naturally makes the Stadium LED Display act as the agent of the original spray painting cloth. Led Stadium screen can fully meet the needs of how to compete, so that the organizers can get more benefits and avoid unnecessary waste.

Led Stadium display

Stadium Led Display features: 

1. Diversified display, repeated display, more content display, short time-sharing display, scrolling display, temporary change of content, addition of content, setting of display duration and interval time, etc.

2. Safety: the cabinet is equipped with soft cotton body, and the display surface is equipped with soft mask. When the athletes hit the screen body, the safety of far mobilization is guaranteed.

3. The cabinet body is easy to remove and install. The screen body of the stadium adopts a single box structure, which can be removed and installed at any time. For a standard football stadium, the removal and installation takes only 3 hours.

4. Visual adjustment of the cabinet . There is a support bar at the back of each cabinet. The angle can be adjusted at 75 ° - 90 ° to ensure the audience's viewing effect. At the same time, the support foot is a certain height from the design cabinet to the ground, which can effectively waterproof.

5. The refresh frequency is above 3830 Hz, and the camera can also capture wonderful pictures. Let the TV audience see a clear and dynamic picture.

Led Stadium display

Stadium Led Display application place: outdoor football venues, indoor basketball venues, skating rink and other sports events.

Structure and product principle: single cabinet structure is adopted, stable and safe waterproof air plug connection is adopted between each cabinet, and each cabinet is provided with adjustable support base. Data can be sent wirelessly and wirelessly.

LED  stadium cabinet

Stadium LED Display

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