Hot discussion: It is not the problem of LED light safety hazard

On April 25th, 2009, Aladdin Lighting Network invited domestic authoritative experts to hold a rational call for the 2009 LED application product achievements and trends behind Shenzhen, to share high-level with LED lighting companies, designers and terminal owners. The wisdom of the results. The seminar was a lively discussion.

An on-site audience consulted the international OLED standard project leader, LED backlight source, member of the international standard group of optical radiation safety, and associate professor of the Department of Optoelectronic Information Engineering of Zhejiang University. (Click to learn more about the speech of Tong Tongsheng: 牟同升: LED future standard for energy saving and environmental protection (Figure))

Question: My first question would like to ask Mr. Yan, who is very important to mention that LED will cause photochemical hazards to the eyes. In the current LED technology route, blue light is the inevitable way to stimulate phosphors. If you have a nanochip, is there any solution to solve this problem?

牟同升: The problem of LED light radiation just mentioned, we are currently paying more attention to the problem of blue light. I want to emphasize this point in this place. It is not that the LED product definitely has the problem of light safety. We will raise this issue. In fact, other products are also available. We currently have mandatory requirements in IEC60598, and there is no mandatory requirement for UV. Of course, LED products have different product requirements. It is not that LEDs have optical safety hazards. In fact, different products have different characteristics. We have just said that LED products mainly emphasize good design. . When you design your product, you can solve this problem with a little thought and preliminary knowledge.

You just said that our current white light is basically based on GaN technology. We say that 460 to 480 wavelengths are sensitive to human eyes and can cause some photochemical damage. Not any blue light is, our eyes need blue light, and it needs in any environment. , is the amount of radiation in the retina should have an amount. What about a certain product? We have tested it, especially recently. In order to study this problem, four laboratories around the world started testing and comparing: one is the European laboratory; the other is the American military medical company. The third is that our company is also included; the fourth is the British Environmental Protection Center laboratory. We want to test how the LEDs are, and test whether our results are consistent.

At present, most of the LED lighting products on the market are automatically protected according to the physiological requirements of human beings. LED blue light is very very strong and very glaring, but people's eyes will avoid this when they look at this thing. The time to avoid is 0.25 seconds, the human eye looks very glaring blue light, 0.25 seconds will certainly avoid, most products are currently no problem, if we can meet this requirement, we will generally set the second category of safety requirements . The key issue is our current IEC standard requirements. He requires you to serve as two types of requirements. One is a children's toy, and the other is a general-purpose LED product. You must achieve an exemption class, which is equivalent to a zero class requirement. This product is very glaring even if your eyes are stunned. You have been watching it for eight hours. He asks you to watch for eight hours without any problem. In fact, our lighting products, which lighting products we will stare at, it is A public product, not considering you and I will not see, in case someone. For example, our babies, children, and children don't know, and he will stare. International standards should take into account that no safety problems will arise under any circumstances. He requires exemption from the requirements of the class. At present, many LED white light may not meet the requirements of exemption without secondary reflection. There is no safety problem with a product. First, the color temperature is not high, and the color temperature is high. Second, it will be very bright, bright and whitish, light radiation safety may not be able to pass the exemption class, can not pass the exemption class can not enter the EU market to sell. This is the current situation, I am still very much in favor of the lighting products as much as possible to make hidden lighting, like the luminaire embedded.

The seminar guest lecture details:

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