Imagination's Flow platform provides new licensable consumer music and radio streaming solutions

Manufacturers are now integrating cloud audio streaming services into their devices

October 16, 2013- ImaginaTIon Technologies (IMG.L), a leading provider of multimedia, processor, communications, and cloud technologies, today released FlowAudio, a licensable cloud music and radio service. Through this subscription service, consumers can read more than 24 million music albums and hundreds of thousands of radio stations, on-demand programs, and podcasts.

FlowAudio is a complete platform that can provide audio services, and can establish seamless interactive operations between chips and devices with built-in ImaginaTIon IP, streaming applications, and cloud services.

Manufacturers can directly integrate FlowAudio streaming music services and Internet radio functions into networked audio products, including digital radios, streaming music systems, speaker systems, TV / STB, media receivers, headphones, automobiles and other products-and Can be operated by smartphone or tablet.

FlowAudio is the easiest solution to stream music to various devices and download and purchase music. Unlike some services that can only stream content, FlowAudio can play their own content from consumer devices or networks, including local MP3 / AAC files and FLAC / ALAC lossless audio. It also works seamlessly with ImaginaTIon's Caskeid technology to provide the world's most accurate synchronized wireless multi-room (mulTIroom) streaming solution.

Pete Downton, Director of Flow Services, Imagination, said: "There are many manufacturers in the industry that are good at audio and product design, but they all hope to open up more new possibilities and a large number of market opportunities through streaming and multiroon technology. Our market-proven FlowAudio technology can help these manufacturers focus on audio quality, and by working together with industry partners, they can maintain a leading position in the field of audio streaming and connectivity innovation. "

FlowAudio is based on Imagination's Flow cloud platform. Its music content is the result of cooperation with 7 Digital to provide more than 24 million high-quality music albums. The radio part stems from Imagination's long history of providing Internet and on-demand broadcast audio content through its Pure brand.

Pure, Imagination's consumer electronics division, has begun shipping products compatible with FlowAudio. Several other leading audio brand manufacturers are collaborating with Imagination and Frontier Silicon, a chip supplier under the Toumaz Group, to develop advanced product designs. The FlowAudio platform already supports smartphone and tablet applications optimized for iOS and Android.

Downton added: "With the introduction of FlowAudio and our other networked consumer platforms, Imagination can provide a unique platform for this application. We can provide networking solutions for our IP core and ecosystem partners to provide our authorized customers and their OEMs Customers bring great value. Manufacturers who use MIPS CPU, Ensigma RPU, and Flow cloud technology to develop products can now easily provide rich, immediately available music and radio services to create a better consumer experience.

For more information about the Flow technology platform, including FlowAudio, please visit http: //. The FlowAudio consumer service will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of 2013 at

Pure Connect service based on Flow platform

Pure Connect is one of the entertainment cloud services developed using the Flow platform, and fully demonstrates the capabilities of this technology. It can be obtained by connecting to the website in any browser, or as an application that supports iOS and Android. Pure is a global leader in wireless music and radio systems, and can access Pure Connect services through radios and other consumer systems that the company has shipped to the United Kingdom, the United States, and other markets.

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