It is expected that the price of 12-inch semiconductor wafers will increase by 1~20% in the third quarter

In the semiconductor consumables after prices, 12-inch silicon wafers also confirmed price increases in the third quarter, the industry reported that suppliers plan to increase prices by 1 to 2 percent, is expected to result in a final increase of 10 percent is running Drop it. Taiwan’s major suppliers Taiwan Seiketsu and Chongyue both stated that the price increase is certain, but the margin is still talking with customers and it will take the second half to finalize the case.

After the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the market shrouded in the shortage crisis, but silicon wafer suppliers considered the stability of the supply chain, coupled with the price of the second quarter has been negotiated, so did not follow other supplies rising, temporary announcement Increase the selling price. At present, the inventory of Japanese silicon fabs has already bottomed out, so downstream fabs have already expected prices to rise.

Currently negotiating the price of the third quarter, it has been determined that 12-inch wafers will be substantially adjusted to reflect the increasing cost-restrictions and market demand conditions in Japan. The supplier plans to increase 1 to 20% depending on the product and customer. Unequal prices, and downstream fabs face cost pressures, have asked to reduce the increase.

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