Jieke box A100 installs third-party applications, video game tutorials through Android phones

Installation process 1 Android mobile phone first install sofa butler mobile phone → 2 mobile phone and smart TV / box with the same router connection → 3 sofa butler mobile phone version to smart TV / box push install sofa butler

1. Use Android phone to download and install the sofa butler mobile version: http://pub.shafa.com/download/shafa_mobile.apk;

2, then follow the method shown in the figure to install;


3. Some devices need to find the system settings, enter the developer options (if not, first enter the device, click on the version number, until you enter the developer mode), check the "USB test" to install successfully;

3, successfully installed sofa butler display interface.

If the installation fails, restart the device and try again by following the steps (may be useful). Still have questions please add the following sofa butler official QQ group.

Jieke box A100 other installation methods: http://

Download the TV application and recommend the best application market sofa butler on Smart TV. Watch videos on smart TVs and recommend using pudding videos. Fun smart TV (and box), exciting content in the sofa forum.

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