Lantiq ’s FALC ON GPON system-on-chip receives extended BBF.247 ONU certification

Fremont-July 2013 -The Broadband Forum has recently released BroadbandSuite 6.2, which establishes an optical fiber interoperability test solution and provides new options to accelerate G-PON deployment in the broadband industry. This announcement coincides with the fact that optical fiber has become the fastest growing access technology in the world, providing global and new verification tools for stable and high-speed broadband connections to simplify device selection and better follow the strong market demand.

BroadbandSuite 6.2 is built on the BBF.247 ONU certification program of the Broadband Forum, which has been widely recognized by mainstream network operators deploying G-PON worldwide and responds to the industry ’s need for interoperability to help accelerate Fiber-based networks are widely adopted. It ensures that G-PON equipment meets service providers' requirements for efficient network operations and high-quality broadband access options.

"Service providers need world-class, marketable ONUs and network interoperability," said Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum. "In order to reduce the cost of launching optical fibers, suppliers need standards-proven optical fiber products. A reliable certification process can reduce the test burden, and more suppliers can launch interoperable products, which means reduced time to market.

BroadbandSuite 6.2 is a key resource for the global test program, which includes strict BBF.247 and a new OLT / ONU interoperability test suite. BBF.247 verifies whether G-PON ONU equipment complies with ITU-T G.998 G-PON standard and Broadband Forum TR-156 specification. With the release of this new version (release), the BBF.247 test solution provides new ONU verification options for multiple VLAN subsets and functional tests.

This version also includes two pending technical reports: a new XG-PON1 (WT-309) test plan, and a new PON optical layer (OpTIcal Layer) management report (WT-287). WT-287 focuses on how to optimize a multi-service PON network that serves both commercial and civilian customers. It covers system architecture, application cases, functional requirements and interoperability requirements. The specifications in WT-287 can be adapted to both ITU-T and IEEE PON systems.

BroadbandSuite 6.2 version includes:

IR-247: GPON ONU compliance test plan (detailed version, only available to members)

ATP-247: Summary version of GPON ONU compliance test program (IR-247 summary information, publicly available)

TR-255: G-PON interoperability test solution

WT-309: XG-PON1 physical layer interoperability test solution (under development)

WT-287: PON optical layer management (under development)

Other fiber-related work in the development activities of the Broadband Forum:

ONU deployment requirements for XG-PON1

Fiber to distribution point (FTTdp) requirements and architectural work

As a leading provider of broadband access and home network technology, LanTIq's products have recently successfully passed the BBF.247 issue 2 certification. Dirk Wieberneit, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Client Equipment (CPE) Business Unit of LanTIq, commented on this milestone: "Thanks to the standard certification support of the Broadband Forum, the continuous expansion of fiber networks worldwide and the acceleration from EPON to GPON Transformation provides better performance and quality of service. With our FALC â„¢ ON GPON system-level chip, we are extremely proud to provide cutting-edge GPON solutions; the chip fully complies with BBF.247 ONU certification standards, enabling our customers to Maintain its technological leadership in these rapidly growing markets where FTTx is deployed. "

Mersh further added: "This expanded Broadband Forum G-PON certification process has brought breakthrough progress in accelerating deployment and created an interoperable platform for timeless development activities in the new fiber optic network.

The Broadband Forum has approved an independent test laboratory for BBF.247 ONU certification. The laboratory is called LAN Laboratories and is established in France and China.

For more information about the Broadband Forum and related work in this area, please visit. For a global list of G-PON ONU certified products, please visit http: //TIfiedgpon.php.

About Broadband Forum

The Broadband Forum is a non-profit industry organization dedicated to building smarter and faster broadband networks. Our work defines best practices for global networks, supports service and content delivery, establishes technology transfer strategies, builds key equipment and service management tools, and is the key to redefining broadband. Visit for free technical reports and white papers.

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