LED car headlights application up-and-coming

At the Beijing Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz brought a world-first "mystery" concept car CLS Shooting Break Concept, which uses 71 independent LEDs for the car's "noble atmosphere".

With the acceleration of people's pursuit of low-carbon life, the choice of cars is not limited to comfort and safety, and more consideration is given to its green, energy-saving and environmental protection. As the application demand of green lighting in the field of automotive lighting, LED will grow steadily for a long time. Due to the decline in LED prices and the increase in luminous efficiency, LEDs have evolved from in-vehicle lighting to third-hand lights, directional lights, and taillights. In 2008, Toyota's 2008 Lexus LS600Ch was equipped with the world's first application. LED headlights. Then the Audi R8 model also introduced the world's first all-LED headlights, which made all the functions of LED headlights a reality.

At present, the luminous efficiency of LED lamps has been higher than the performance of traditional car headlights widely used, which means that LED headlights have the opportunity to formally enter into commercialization. However, from the current market, several models with LED headlamps are priced at more than $100,000 and are luxury models. The main reason why the Volkswagen model does not currently have LED headlamps is that the price of LED light sources has been relatively high, which limits the market sales of LED headlamps to a certain extent. Therefore, LED headlamps will still be deployed only in high-end or concept models such as the LS600Ch and CLS Shooting Break Concept in the short term.

Despite this, many auto manufacturers have put the application of LED headlights on the agenda. According to the forecast of Japan's Otaru Lamps Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 5% of the new cars sold in Japan in 2010 will be equipped with LED headlamps. That is to say, in the next 1-2 years, popular models are also expected to be equipped with LED headlamps.

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