LED optical film lighting technology to promote LED lighting upgrade

LED has developed into today and quickly gained tremendous recognition in just a few years. In countries, local governments, and enterprises, LED lighting has become a camphor. Enterprises have invested in LED lighting, and the government has continuously increased the promotion of LED lighting. Support efforts. However, LED lighting performance in the average consumer is not optimistic.

As LED lighting still has problems such as heat dissipation, glare, light failure, and light color, these have severely restricted the development of LED lighting, which has led to the development difficulties of LEDs that have been unmatched by other light sources since their inception. How to solve these problems is not only an urgent problem that the industry needs to solve, but also a problem that many companies in the industry have to solve.

Based on the status and achievements of the Victile Group in the field of optical films, Vic Lighting has, after more than one year of meticulous preparation, finally developed an industry-leading LED optical film lighting core technology. LED optical film lighting core technology not only can well solve the problem of LED development to a certain extent, but also has high brightness, uniform light and soft, no glare, high color rendering index, low cost, simple and convenient, light and durable and other excellent performance .

Vic's LED optical film lighting core technology not only brings many opportunities for the company's own development, but also has important significance for the development of LED lighting, especially for the development of LED indoor lighting, and it has promoted the upgrade of the entire LED lighting industry. Great contribution.

In view of the new LED optical film products that were launched by Vicki some time ago, LED optical film products are the world's leading core technologies for LED lighting optical films, and the first to develop and use LED lighting optical film products, which caused a huge stir in the industry. Vicki's new LED optical film products fully solve the problem of LED lighting glare, soft light is more conducive to health, reflecting a healthy green life; higher luminous efficiency, light transmittance of more than 96%, breaking the current LED lighting products, only 80% light Efficient use of low dilemma; light is more obvious, the LED LED optical film lighting products can reach 120Lm / W, 20% higher brightness than similar products, really achieve energy-saving effect; low-power chips, heat dissipation structure design concept, In the room at room temperature long-term use temperature is maintained below 55 °C, to ensure that LED durable use requirements. Vic Lighting LED optical film products rely on optical nano-optical structure processing technology, optical film can collect light and increase the luminous flux, reduce the loss of light to achieve high brightness, maximize the use of light advantage. From the technical point of view, let its display technology and lighting technology combined, with optical cover and optical reflector as the core, using the design principles of light refraction and reflection so that its appearance is ever-changing.

The advent of LED optical film lighting core technology will certainly inject new blood into the development of the industry, and will also promote the further upgrade and development of the LED lighting industry.

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