Lenovo 17TV performance in the end how? How to buy it?

A few days ago, the news that "Lenovo will unite Ali to launch a new smart TV" has received widespread attention from the industry. And just today (May 20), Lenovo will join hands with Ali in their sincerity - Lenovo 17 55S9i 55-inch 4K smart 3D flat-panel TV. So how about the performance of this Lenovo 17TV? How to buy it? The following Xiao Bian will introduce it in detail.

Lenovo 17TV uses home style, no screws, no visual frame design, and added hidden cooling holes, easy to clean the side interface design, making everything Lenovo 17TV seem simple and harmonious, exquisite and beautiful. Perfectly true 4K display, 3 meter-free particle-free visual effects, and superior shutter-type 3D technology make it easy to watch 3D movies with Full HD resolution at home, and experience an immersive and realistic experience. With the world's top Dolby audio technology embedded in the world, combined with three-frequency perfect JBL Soundbar high-quality sound, brings users endless shock sensory experience.

The configuration adopts the latest A17 architecture, CPU speed is 60% faster than A9, the speed of online video processing, speed 3D processing speed and extreme video decoding technology, for the smooth experience of escort and remote control added air-raid volley Operation, so that the remote control is as flexible and light as a mouse.

Content, in addition to the exclusive living room theater, also equipped with a limited time to watch, set the viewing duration, eye mode and other features of the unique "tiger mom mode", while providing massive network resources, at the same time careful child care Health.

Lenovo 17TV today (May 20) at 10:00 has been the world premiere in Lynx Mall, pre-sale price of 3999 yuan, and now purchase, will enjoy the purchase of cash back to 300 yuan a limited time offer, which is equivalent to 3699 yuan can buy To this new Lenovo 17TV.

Want to start the user need to pay 199 yuan down payment deposit before 24 o'clock on May 25, and pre-sale snap shots to pay off the payment at 0:00 on May 26 to 24 on May 28, the seller will be on May 26 Arrange shipments after the date, and you will be offered a limited edition exclusive gift package. Interested friends, please do not miss it.

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