Li Yufu, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, investigated Shanxi Guangyu

On the afternoon of August 31, Li Yufu, deputy head of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the leading group of the Leading Group for Punishment and Prevention of Corruption, accompanied by the Party Secretary Xie Hai, Mayor Luo Qingyu and Secretary of the Party Committee Xue Yuanbing, went to Shanxi Guangyu Industrial Park for field investigation and research. . Xu Min, deputy general manager of Guangyu Technology Department, accompanied and gave a detailed explanation.

Li Shuji and his party visited the company's product exhibition hall, model lecture hall and production workshop. The leaders unanimously affirmed the company's outstanding achievements in the field of high-power LED packaging and applications. Secretary Li pointed out that we should look at the energy conservation and consumption reduction work under the new situation with a new vision and a new concept. Energy conservation and consumption reduction are both the need to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance market competitiveness, and also reflect the sense of social responsibility. Only by using the power of science and technology can we achieve better energy conservation and consumption reduction, and only advanced products can achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction. As an emerging field in the new era, the energy-saving field still has a broad space for expansion. Shanxi enterprises must seize this opportunity, increase investment in scientific research, and enhance the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises with more updated independent research and development technologies. The government will also take advantage of the situation to further strengthen institutional innovation and policy guidance, and actively create an institutional environment, policy environment and market environment conducive to energy conservation and consumption reduction. "Green" companies like Guangyu should become the first choice for government encouragement and support. Enterprises themselves must take the responsibility of promoting economic development in the province and rely on independent innovation to strengthen and expand enterprises.


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