Millet bracelet 2 user experience: running data measured contrast

There are too many evaluations of the Millet Bracelet 2, and this time we will do a horizontal comparison of the analysis of the data in the running process and its analysis. First, open the box map as usual or first. The new packaging does not follow the simplicity of kraft paper and instead uses a packaging style similar to that of a certain fruit family. No logo on the front, it is refreshing.

First, the purchase experience

Most people report that millet bracelet 2 is difficult to buy according to the official price of 149, and even Tmall and Jingdong have to increase the price by 50 yuan to buy the cash. Because I don't have to use it urgently, so stay in front of the computer and click on several times to buy it at ten o'clock every day. There is no skill, probably after four or five days, it is very smooth to buy. Difficult to rob is as always, but it is not as difficult as it seems. In addition, some netizens provided suggestions that could use Xiaomi Mall’s “Surely Want to Buy” feature (but, when I looked at it, the registration was temporarily suspended), and they could sign up to win the purchase qualification with a points sweep. I don't know how big the probability is.)

Here are the order screenshots, no mobile phone retouching software, you have to call PS to code, slaughter a knife to kill chickens. It can be seen that on the 19th, the ordering of 10:01 was successful and arrived at 9:30 in the morning. Logistics is fast, using SF Express.

Second, heart rate test

This time I mainly want to take a look at the running heart rate monitoring function, so test it before running. Millet bracelet 2 sensor, the official said, the blood is red, reflected red light, absorb green light, so with green LED light and photosensitive photodiode detection. During the test, the amount of blood circulating at the wrist can be calculated to obtain heart rate information.

This method sounds a little overhang, but after comparison, as long as you master the way of wearing, you can still find the accuracy rate. Two kinds of measuring methods, one is to measure the heart rate through App, the other is to touch the round button directly through the bracelet, cut to the display heart rate interface, wait about 5 seconds. This is the first time the measured data, my heart rate is basically stable, and the previous data measured in the hospital is not much difference. (Who said that my heart rate is slow? Don't worry, wait until I run)

Third, running test

After tossing, charged. Millet bracelet 2 uses a lithium polymer battery, so it does not require the first charge for more than 12 hours, with the use of charge. After reaching the hand, 75% of the electricity was charged for more than two hours, 99%, to pick up and run. It is recommended to wear a mobile phone to run, call GPS records more accurately, and you can also fully analyze the data. Otherwise, the running distance of the millet bracelet is based on the height measured in steps, and then multiplied by the pace, there is a certain amount of error. During the running, turn on the real-time heart rate monitoring function and set the upper limit of the heart rate prompt. I set 160/min. During the running, there are about 4-5 vibration reminders, real-time heart rate notification voice. Up to 172, an average of 151, so it seems that I set the heart rate is still reasonable. Of course, to add a sentence, there are many ways to calculate the heart rate of running. Generally, you can use: 220 - current age × 0.8 = upper limit of heart rate. According to this method, my maximum heart rate is still far from being reached. Anyway, my heart rate is really low, so I pushed down the highest value and used a higher heart rate than the average heart rate during exercise.

OK, 3Km running, look at the data analysis.

I think that as a running application, there are probably all things. The disadvantage is that the color of the pace of the running trajectory is not made, or the error is relatively small, and the display is not obvious. And millet bracelet 2 can also set a minimum pace reminder, set a good threshold, remind yourself to maintain a constant speed. Tips: In order to speed up, to avoid muscle strain, etc., try to increase the pace rather than the pace, to 180 appropriate (I'm still trying). When running, Xiaomi Bracelet 2 is, of course, heart rate monitoring is the highlight, the overall view is relatively stable, there is no monitoring failures reflected by some users. Since it is a horizontal comparison, then we take a look at the software record that is used by another runner (there are no bracelets, only mobile phones).

From this software interface, the content of the information should be less than a millet movement with a pace curve and heart rate data, in the three key curves, the use of the pace and pace, there is no pace with a slight regret. Tucao should be more, elevation curve, do not know why, the same phone will appear such a big difference. There is no time, Rory will not say anything, not much to say, benevolent people see it, only to give everyone a result, the value is not worth it.

Finally, run back and take a bath to test the waterproof performance. Millet Bracelet 2 has a waterproof rating of IP67, which guarantees waterproofing in everyday life, such as washing hands, splashing liquids on the face, and soaking in water for a short time. Therefore, it can be worn in normal warm water showers (not in bath or sauna). (Dai), but it is not advisable to wear it during swimming due to the immersion during long periods of swimming and the pressure of the water body during the activity, which will affect the waterproof ability of the opponent's ring. The first number represents the dust level and the second number represents the waterproof level. In the normal shower, the touch screen is normal and after the bath, the display is normal. Taken and looked at, there must be water in the gap. If you take a bath, use a shower gel, etc., don't you know if it will be corrosive to the contacts for a long time?

Is really the last, millet bracelet 2, I think it is okay!

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