Nanchang's first LED product display and promotion meeting signed about 60 million US dollars

On October 22nd, 2009 China (Nanchang) First LED Product Showcase and Promotion Conference was held at the Honggutan Convention Center.

It is understood that on the day of the event, Lianchuang, Jingneng and partners signed a contract for LED-related industrial projects, with a total contract value of 60 million US dollars. Now Nanchang City will promote urban energy conservation, carry out the pilot project of “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” LED application, and promote the large-scale application of LED street lamps in public places in the city through the implementation of the LED street lighting landscape lighting project of Ziyang Avenue.

At present, there are 50 LED manufacturers in Jiangxi Province, employing more than 11,000 people. In 2008, the industrial added value of 737 million yuan was completed, the main business income was 2.295 billion yuan, the export delivery value was 114 million yuan, and the total profit and tax was 115 million yuan. The province's LED industry is mainly distributed in 9 districts and cities, initially forming several relatively concentrated areas such as Nanchang High-tech Zone, Nanchang Jiangnan Park, Ji'an Economic Development Zone and Luanchuan County. Among them, Nanchang is one of the first batch of semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization bases in China. It is a city with LED full-process production technology and large-scale production of LED chips. In recent years, the sales revenue and the number of new enterprises in the LED industry in Nanchang have increased by more than 30%.

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