OLED lighting: the United States R & D force reveals the potential of lighting can not be ignored

I. Introduction

The United States is actively developing new lighting devices, so there are solid state lighting (SSL) projects in the national plan. The solid-state lighting is divided into two categories, one is LED technology and the other is OLED technology. The goal of the OLED lighting project is to reach 75-150 lm/W with a service life of 10,000 hours, and from 2004 to 2010, a total of $15.55 million in research funding will be invested in research and development, from the core research direction of the project. We can find that the range of research from the upstream material properties to device fabrication and performance testing, have related projects for research and development, showing that the layout of its research and development power is comprehensive.

Second, research and development strength

In 2008, the United States solid-state lighting has a total of 51 projects, with a total funding of 74.7 million US dollars (Figure 1), of which OLED lighting has 25 projects, with a total funding of 36.9 million US dollars, accounting for 49.4% of all projects, including the US Department of Energy investment $27.9 million, and those who applied to participate in the program invested $9 million; LED has 26 projects with a total funding of $37.8 million, accounting for 50.6% of all projects, of which the US Department of Energy invested $28.9 million and applied to participate in the program. They invested $8.9 million. From the distribution of OLED lighting and LED research, we can find that the proportion of OLED lighting projects (49.4%) has been equated with LED projects. Although OLED lighting has not yet been mass-produced, OLED lighting has a rising trend, so the United States has invested in LED lighting technology. At the same time of research, it also increases the research and development of OLED lighting. It can be seen that the United States is paying more and more attention to OLED lighting.

Distribution of US solid-state lighting investment in 2008

Third, OLED lighting research and development projects

There are 25 projects in the United States for OLED lighting project research and development, including 15 projects related to OLED lighting core technology, with a total investment of US$20.3 million in research and development, and 10 projects for OLED lighting product development, with a total investment of US$16.6 million. Among them, there are 7 projects in research on luminescent materials, with an investment of 8.6 million US dollars, accounting for 28% of all OLED lighting project research, which is the project that invests the most research and development projects and funds (Figure 2); The research and development of 5 projects, the investment of 5.2 million US dollars, accounting for 20% of all OLED lighting project research, is the second highest R & D project and funding projects. The rest of the investment in research on material surface improvement, OLED lighting device applications, low-cost packaging and OLED lighting product development projects, a total of 23.1 million US dollars in research and development funding. From the number of OLED lighting projects and the distribution of research and development funds, it can be seen that the main difficulty of OLED lighting is the improvement of the characteristics of OLED lighting materials and the improvement of transparent conductive layers. Therefore, the US Department of Energy has invested more resources and established more research projects. The problems encountered in current OLED lighting can be solved as soon as possible.

The proportion of each special project of OLED lighting

Fourth, the conclusion

OLED lighting and LED belong to the same category of solid-state lighting. Although LED has been mass-produced, the potential of OLED lighting in the future threatening the lighting market cannot be ignored. From the US investment in LED and OLED lighting projects, the future of OLED lighting is optimistic, and the US Department of Energy and participating companies are willing to invest more research resources to accelerate the successful development of OLED lighting, I believe in the research of OLED lighting Under the hood, the future of OLED lighting is not far away. In the future, OLED lighting, which is a surface light source and soft in light, will appear in our daily lighting environment.


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