"One Show Two Stars" New Deal One Hundred Days Market Scan

Data Date: January 1st, 2014 - April 16th, 2015 (100 days except Spring Festival holidays)

Source of data: CSM50 City Chongqing (M)

Prime time: 1930-2200, 2015 Golden Theater time 1930-2120

I. The 2015 Golden Theater has seen a general decline, and 920 columns have dragged down provincial TVs.

(1) In 2015, the year-on-year ratings for the two episodes of theater were generally declining. TTV fell by 3%, which means that the overall audience of the TV market has decreased. The provincial satellite TV dropped by 2%, which was lower than TTV, which was higher than CCTV and non-provincial ground stations. Only provincial-level ground viewing has improved during this period.

(2) The TV series of TV dramas in 2015 both declined compared to the same period in 14 years. The 920 columns saw a sharp decline in ratings, dragging down ratings of 2,200 columns.

(3) After the episode of Provincial Satellite TV, there are only 8 ratings for the Top20 channel and more than one or two lines for the three-line TV viewers.

Second, "Theatrical +920 column" is still the main layout strategy for the provincial TV

Since 2015, with the exception of Hunan Satellite TV, the Provincial Satellite TV has basically maintained the “two episode + non-entertainment column” choreography. There are three main reasons for this: First, due to the consideration of risk control, except for Hunan Satellite TV, other satellite TV stations generally maintain the tactics for the play of major dramas. In particular, the second and third-line TV dramas still occupy the mainstream. Second, the impact of income coverage, in addition to Hunan Satellite TV, the provincial satellite TV is mainly internal competitors, in the absence of brand non-entertainment category strong support, 1930 opening is conducive to early release of ratings, reduce audience turnover rate . Hunan Satellite TV as a national coverage channel, CCTV's competitiveness can not be underestimated, "program + theater" choreography can be achieved by relying on a single broadcast to reach an appointment, but also to maintain the competitive advantage of the post-920 period, and is conducive to 22 points file The audience will continue to flow, but at the same time the cost of purchases will also increase significantly.

Driven by the legendary high ratings of Wu Mei Niang at the beginning of the year, Hunan TV in 2015 was significantly higher than in 2014 during the 1930-2005 period, but its non-entertainment program distortion meter and Sung Tong Tong's conscience of 50 city ratings were only about 0.6%, which was comparable to that of 2014.

On the other hand, in 2014, due to the impact of the symposium with the Central Committee, Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong started broadcasting. Afterwards, the audience rating of the Dragons fell all the way. Then Tao Zhilian differed from the Hunan population to a certain extent. In 2015, Hunan Golden Theatre's broadcasting strategy has been greatly adjusted. After Wu Mei Niang’s high ratings across the years, the lies of living and fragrant beautiful bridesmaid adventure wife successively created high ratings and showed a gradual upward trend. The lies of Hunan TV’s latest TV drama wife’s lie, CSM50 city ratings are all the way higher. The nation’s highest single-day viewership rate is close to 4%. The broadcast rate is just over half and the ratings are close to the highest level of the previous series.

Third, fine-quality single-play dramas are still relatively small, with a certain percentage of follow-up and second-round plays.

One-day and two-star New Deal was implemented for a hundred days. The Top20 channel broadcasts 68 dramas excluding the first rebroadcast. A total of 111 broadcasts of Top20 channels (counted for each broadcast) were included. There were only 17 broadcasts/times alone, accounting for only 15% of the total broadcast volume; 55 pieces/times of two stars and above were broadcast in total. , which accounted for 47% of the total broadcast volume; 39 broadcasts/times in the second round, accounting for 38% of the total broadcast volume, of which 3 were for follow-up or 1.5 rounds followed by broadcasts by Wu Wei Niang, Zhejiang Satellite TV, and Tianjin TV. The old man and the Southeast Satellite TV are scented with fireworks.

Four, a play two hundred days summary

1. High-value drama ratings set a new high, young viewers still have a certain viewing potential

From the TV shows that achieved high ratings in 2015, it can be seen that the plays with high scores of value accounted for a relatively large proportion. Why did the legend of Wu Mei Niang’s legendary heroes live up to the promise of a fragrant wife of Jinxiuyuanyuan and other high-profile shows? Among them, Zhong Hanliang, Li Yifeng, Tang Hao, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yixiao, Jia Qing and other high-level star topics have been fully demonstrated.

2. Cost control advantages of TV production companies will become core competitiveness

The one-two-star policy was formally implemented, and the era of the broadcast platform for money and drama was over. In the coming period, the cost control will become the core competitiveness of the drama production company, and will be pressured by the TV drama purchase cost and large rewards. The cost of production will be reduced. Compared with the cost of the star, the competitiveness of the script with relatively low cost will be highlighted, the TV drama will return to good content, and the exploration of potential resources will become a magic weapon.

3. The new marketing model lengthens the television industry chain

Taking the TV show as a silent example, Dragon TV adopts the interactive TV drama marketing model, and Tmall achieves the combination of “seeing and buying” and innovates T2O mode (TV TO ONLINE), which is broadcast in the drama. At the same time, by sweeping the Dragon TV LOGO, the instant launch of watching and buying, conducted a full-time multi-screen TV drama interaction. The online publicity resources have reached 1.3 billion people. The interactive mode of "seeing and buying" has effectively increased ratings, formed a continuous topic of networking, attracted more young audiences, and expanded the profitability of new television dramas.

Since the one-day and two-star New Deal has been in the past hundred days, the high-quality dramas still tend to be played by two stars because of the pressure of the cost of the purchase. From the perspective of the promotion of the two episodes, the second and third-line TVs are better than the first-line TV. Except Hunan Satellite TV, Shandong Satellite TV and a few other channels, most of the channels have declined during the period of 1930-2200. The 920 non-entertainment column has become the main reason for lowering ratings.

In the production of television dramas, affected by the New Deal, those with the script as the core, highlighting the precise integration of high-quality resources, will become a reflection of the core competitiveness of film and television companies for low-cost high ratings.

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