Panasonic builds Japan's first carbon neutral station through LED lighting

On April 12th, Matsushita Electric Works (Panasonic), one of the Japanese lighting manufacturers, installed a series of LED lighting products in the new station of the Hankyu Electric Railway in Japan. It is the first time in Japan to introduce a similar project at the station. It also became Japan's first "carbon neutral station."

This project is a case of using LED lighting in multiple locations, including station halls, platform waiting rooms, ticket gates, underground passages, toilets, etc., all equipped with LED lighting, taking into account environmental factors such as rain and wind. Panasonic's linear LED lighting fixtures used in this new station hall are also the company's new technology.
According to trial calculations, this new station uses LED lighting to save about 49% of carbon dioxide.
In addition, Panasonic also pointed out that the LED lighting business including station ground, road lighting, transportation and public facilities will continue to expand actively.

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