Refrigerator will likely replace color TV into home center

Refrigerator will likely replace color TV into home center

Affected by the new macroeconomic environment in China, the refrigerator market has entered a slowly growing sideways adjustment period. After experiencing a severe winter last year, the refrigerator market in 2016 is still not optimistic and the industry has even heard a “cold” voice. . The “autumn wind” of the depression has caused the company to tremble. The refrigerator industry has come to the crossroads of change, and the demand for product upgrades brought about by the consumption upgrades has made intelligence become the key to the development of the refrigerator industry and the opening of the market.

All along, in the market, whether it is at the climax or the bottom, the overall performance of the refrigerator industry can be described with a “steady” word. In people's minds, in comparison with color TVs, air conditioners and other home appliances, the changes in refrigerator products in all aspects are not obvious, as calm as the lake. However, in fact, the entire industry has long been turbulent, and many refrigerator companies have begun to re-examine the features it has.

The reason why people have always had the illusion of "slow" and "not prominent" in the development of intelligent refrigerators, one of the important reasons is the lack of intelligentization. According to data from Yikang, the market share of smart refrigerators in TVs, air conditioners and washing machines is the lowest, at 6.3%, while the penetration rate of smart TVs in the other three smart home appliances is as high as 75.8%. It is one of the main reasons why people think that the TV industry is changing with each passing day. However, in the eyes of people in the industry, the low level of intelligence and popularity also provide more room for the development of smart refrigerators.

In the "Redefinition of Refrigerators - 2016 China Refrigerator Industry Summit Forum and Trends Conference" sponsored by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association and the State Information Center Information Resource Development Department, sponsored by the State Grid of China and co-organized by the Jingdong Household Appliances exclusive channel, many industries He shouted, "Let the fridge be the future home center."

All along, smart TVs have been “hand-picked” by the industry as the entrance to the smart home and the brains of the center. There are good reasons for this: TVs have the highest degree of intelligence and popularity among home appliances, and large-screen TVs allow smart home control to be visible. TV usage in the home is also among the best. However, in the view of white electricity industry, the refrigerator that TV can do can do the same, even better and more comprehensive.

"A lot of people think that color TV is the center of the family, but the time spent by a family in front of a color TV is obviously limited." Xie Hui, vice president of marketing for household appliances at Samsung Electronics in Greater China, pointed out: "There are only two household appliances that can make content. That is color TVs and refrigerators, and refrigerators are the only appliances in the home that operate 24 hours a day, so the refrigerator is the future family center."

In fact, refrigerator products with the "family center" attribute already appear in the market. These products have large-size display screens, WiFi capabilities, voice interactions, and stereo sounds. According to industry insiders, the refrigerator products will become modular in the future. The product can be used with a camera, smart operating system, or a built-in router to turn the refrigerator from a WiFi connection to a WiFi signal sender. Through smart refrigerators, people can implement chase plays, listen to music, take pictures, share a circle of friends in the kitchen, and even communicate resources with e-commerce providers. For example, the fishermen who are far away from the sea will send the newly captured crab pictures and information to the refrigerator, and if they need it, they will immediately express and deliver them. These are very beautiful scenes.

Of course, there is still a long way to go for the refrigerator to dominate the smart home in the future. First of all, the intelligentization of the refrigerator products must be based on the premise of doing a good job, because the users are still looking for fresh, frozen, In addition to these basic functions of sterilization, manufacturers must not put the cart before the horse; secondly, it is necessary for the smart refrigerator to be able to display its ideal strength and the industry must establish a real-world environment so that big data can be shared. Smart refrigerators are expected to become the hub of smart homes. brain".

On the one hand, the intelligentization process of the refrigerator industry is gradually accelerating. On the other hand, users lack awareness of smart refrigerators, and smart refrigerators are far away from the family center.

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