Riyuecheng Technology Introduces Innovative 16-Channel LED Constant Current Driver Chip

Due to the increasing application of LED displays, especially the increasing luminous efficiency of LEDs, and the urgent need to reduce costs and reduce overall power consumption, the line scanning scheme of LED displays has been widely adopted and is growing.

Riyuecheng Technology introduces the innovative 16-channel LED constant current driver chip SUM2016/SUM2022 with high refresh rate, high gray scale performance, low system power consumption, low power supply noise and EMI, and universal control system for line scan display applications.

SUM2016 adopts the patented technology of St. Moon Technology's StabilityDriveTM and high-speed four-component technology to achieve excellent line scan output current response, outstanding low gray performance, and high refresh rate under multi-line scanning while achieving fast turn-on of less than 40ns. The overall power consumption can be reduced by more than 10%, significantly reducing EMI, and supporting existing general control systems.

The main features of SUM2016/SUM2022:

A good laminate structure can control the characteristic impedance of the printed circuit board, and the traces can form an easily controllable and predictable transmission line structure called an impedance plate. The characteristic impedance of the conductor on the printed circuit board is an important indicator of the circuit design. Especially in the PCB design of the high frequency circuit, it must be considered whether the characteristic impedance of the wire and the characteristic impedance required by the device or signal are consistent and match.

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