Skyworth's small box, met the United States at first sight

In the front-to-bottom market, the smart TV box market has developed faster and faster. Following smart phones, smart TV and smart TV box markets have become the hottest new battlefield today. Among them, when the smart TV system based on the Android system is the most dazzling, the box market is also going to the two extremes: either trying hard to achieve "big and full", shopping hardware parameters; or to do small and beautiful, fight Value ~ In recent days, Skyworth has introduced a compact, high-value box product, Skyworth small box, as an old and high-quality domestic TV manufacturers, this time come up with enough creativity and mind to bring With this unique product, the sea breeze was fortunate enough to get inside the box and share her beauty with everyone today!

Meet the small box for the first time, like the first love is beautiful, at first sight is small and beautiful, look out Skyworth company is very careful to do the design of the small box appearance, beautiful things from the beginning to meet ~ received the first time SF brother The courier was attracted by the small box's coat ~ concise white box packaging ~ positive white dark black font printed Skyworth box! Simple but the most beautiful side of the logo
As you can imagine, this box found a good content provider with the general parameters of the box on the back. We can see that the gross weight is only 0.4kg, and I can't wait to see her real body.

Open the package and uncover the jacket. The interiors are respectively carried by three small white boxes. The small box, data cable, and remote control are three simple and neat packages. The outside of the package is printed with a line pattern, which is consistent with the style of the outer package. , Fresh and elegant ~ It is worth mentioning that the outermost small box is individually packaged with a plastic peeling layer for easy removal, which is meticulous to the ultimate ~ small details, great wisdom ~

Well, come to a group photo ~ Lizhan station good ~ lamb shout password:

Small boxes do my best, the sea breeze will bring everyone to witness the coziness of the small box - small box is not only small, but a unique shape, at first glance like a camera in general. The front of the box is a piano-like panel, a white-white logo, and a black panel. Especially good-looking, the back of the box has only one HDMI interface, reflecting the simple design idea. The unique hinge design at the bottom of the box makes the box easy to drive. Multiply in the television frame ~ unique creative make huge boxes do not occupy the space of the living room ~
The box is very small, and is placed together with the iPhone4s, but also small, size is 764527mm, net weight 0.2Kg~

With the sibling brothers cool put shadow rod put together ~ size is also quite not lose - like u disk size, we can imagine ~

It can be seen that the power cord of the Skyworth box is non-removable, and the other end is a standard usb2.0 interface for power supply. The box does not have a standard power plug. It uniquely uses the usb port of the TV as a power supply device. The advantage is to save space, put it simple and generous, power supply stability, with the TV boot automatically start ~ the traditional TV box is placed in the living room, separated from the TV ~ line looks disorganized, Skyworth small box using hanging type Ingenious use of the TV's own USB port, as well as the TV's border suspension, will make the tedious circuitization to zero, cleverly integrate the box and the TV itself, and become a whole, so that the box can also be vivid. Simple ~ Really laments Skyworth's engineers' attention, and the details are perfect.
Let's take a look at the effect! Everyone took a closer look at the Haifeng home TV line ~ is not a lot of fresh, the upper left corner only leaked a Skyworth logo ~ the moment, the TV and the box is like a whole ~

A close-up observation, there is a wooden beauty you? Haha~

Lamb also picked up a small box, when the card came to use! Hey, how are you? Haha~

After reading the box ~ ~ we look at the core of human-computer interaction, remote control ~ Skyworth small box remote control using the standard 12-key design, and the traditional remote control is not much difference, but the remote control modeling Still worth mentioning, the shuttle-shaped styling fits better with the palm, and the two standard No. 7 batteries allow the user to better adapt the purchase when replacing the battery.

In fact, hand experience, remote control's feel is still very good, compared with the latest white remote control company Skyworth's new white remote control ~ is not inferior, at the moment, cool white with a mirror showing a face ~ Unfortunately, the white remote control Can't manipulate the TV box~

Use article:
Skyworth small box looks small and exquisite, but Skyworth has not been shrinking configuration, small box is equipped with an A5 heart, up to 1.5ghz processor, excellent engine to protect the smooth experience of the box, not only that, another box support The mainstream H.265 hard decoding, with 1g of RAM ~ such a strong configuration, with such a compact body, people have to lament the small box engineers of the superior - Skyworth and iqiyi in-depth cooperation, customization The GITV and the Central Galaxy broadcast control platform are equipped with a large number of large movies. If you still don't have enough content, the sea breeze will teach you how to, and turn smart, download more quality apps.

Small box built-in system, simple and neat, resource-rich ~ and unique, has a WeChat transfiguration remote control function, multi-screen ISKII client share push video function, below, the sea breeze will take everyone to experience how to make WeChat turned remote control~
First of all, open the manual, find the official WeChat QR code, mobile scan, follow, as shown in the figure:

Next, turn on the TV and enter the settings: Wechat interaction "Click to enter, view the docking code, then, enter the docking code in the WeChat, complete binding ~

As shown in the following figure: In the WeChat client operation, enter the binding code on the map, after the binding is successful, you can use the WeChat remote control, is not it simple? Haha~

Next, let the sea breeze bring everyone to experience the iQIYI client, multi-screen interactive function ~
First of all, turn on the multi-screen interactive TV to enter ~ Use mobile phone to scan the QR code appearing on the TV, scan and download the Iqiyi client ~ If you have already downloaded IQI, you can ignore this step automatically:

Then, the mobile phone downloads the installation package, completes the download, binds the device to the scan, as shown in the figure, clicks the normal download, completes the installation, enters the iQIYI client, and clicks on the “my device” option to connect the ultra clear box. Is it easy to complete the binding of ~~?

Well, next, let's push a movie together to see the effect - click push, TV can play the movie just pushed ~~~
In addition, it is worth mentioning that any interface in iQIYI can be clicked on Skyworth's logo to enter the remote control to operate oh ~ ~ very convenient ~

Summary ~
Skyworth small box not only owns a wealth of video resources, but also has a unique innovative multi-screen interaction, micro-channel control and other functions - more harmonious interaction of the human-machine interaction ~ for future operation of the portability of a lot of extra points, in addition to the value of Is this high and difficult? Anyway, the sea breeze is impressed by his appearance ~ haha ​​~ This box is currently about to be pre-sale, and on September 21, lock Tmall flagship store, you can also have, the price is very kind, 139 yuan, a meal Meal money ah ~ good conscience say ~ Well, not much to say, so as not to have advertising suspicion, OK, or that sentence, like the sea breeze evaluation of children's shoes must be like the sea breeze like oh ~ ~ let us look forward to The next exciting assessment! Meet again~

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