Smart home graphical embedded applications based on Microchip PIC32 Graphic

With the improvement of people's requirements for home safety, convenience, comfort, artistic and other living environments, and the development of Internet of Things technology, smart home has gradually become the development direction of future home life. The user interface of each home has also undergone tremendous changes. The original display of lights, digital tubes and other home appliances can no longer meet the requirements of smart homes. Small and medium-sized LCD panels and touch color graphics have become an indispensable part.

LCD graphic display solution

At present, the LCD graphic display solution mainly consists of a CPU, a graphics controller and an LCD screen. There are many types of graphics controllers as part of the system, such as a built-in controller type graphic liquid crystal display driver controller with integrated line, column driver and controller; and a built-in controller type graphic liquid crystal display column with display memory. The controller is a controller that has a four-direction cursor movement and is more suitable for drawing an external controller type liquid crystal display module.

However, as the demand for graphical embedded applications in smart homes becomes more prevalent, the call for cost-effective solutions is growing. The solutions offered by many companies today include an additional internal or external graphics controller as part of the system, which can make the cost higher and the design more complex. In most cases, these graphical controllers are not required for a simple embedded graphical user interface, but may not find a suitable solution.

A technology from Microchip takes advantage of an increasingly popular low-cost controllerless solution: 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers use their peripheral performance to create a “virtual” graphics controller for graphics rendering without It takes a lot of CPU time and can directly drive the LCD, eliminating the cost and complexity of the external graphics controller (as shown in Figure 1).

Smart home graphical embedded applications based on Microchip PIC32 Graphic

Figure 1: PIC32 MCU Direct Drive LCD Schematic

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