South and North Korea situation is tense, Taiwan LED industry or benefit transfer effect

Recently, the situation in South and North Korea is tense, and foreign capital is self-insurance. It has gradually withdrawn from the South Korean stock market. Under this circumstance, is there a transfer order effect that will benefit Taiwan's DRAM, panel and LED industries?

Sun Mingde, director of the Taijing Institute's Prosperity Forecast Center, pointed out that South Korea's DRAM, panel and LED production bases are all located near Seoul, and are close to the North Korean border. Once the war begins, South Korea's global supply chain may be interrupted, and Taiwanese manufacturers may benefit from it. . Sun Mingde said: "The important production base of DRAM in the world is not Korea or us, the panel is also, the main production base of mobile phones is on the mainland, and will not be affected."

In addition to electronics-related industries, South Korea is also one of the main competitors of Taiwan's machine tools. Sun Mingde pointed out that the price and quality of the machine tools manufactured by South Korea and Taiwan are very similar. In recent years, South Korea and Europe and the United States have signed a free trade agreement (FTA), which has an advantage over Taiwan in terms of price, but if the two Koreas are in a tight situation Taiwan is expected to have a transfer effect at the end of April and early May.

However, experts also pointed out that the extent to which Taiwan’s relevant manufacturers have benefited depends on the scope of the war. If North and South Korea are only ignoring the guns or local conflicts, they will have a short-term profit for the Taiwanese industry; but if the conflict expands or the time stretches, the Northeast Asian war will be clouded and the benefits of Taiwanese manufacturers will become limited.

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