Technological innovation, radio management ushered in a new situation

The independent innovation of wireless communication in China for 20 years not only makes China's wireless communication become a global leader, but also makes China's radio management business flourish. With the acceleration of the number of modules, the emergence of new formats such as Internet+ has also brought radio management into a new normal.

Lu Gongchao, director of the Beijing Radio Administration Bureau, said that with the development of China's radio industry for many years, especially the successful industrialization of a number of communication standards with independent intellectual property rights, China's wireless communication development has reached a new level.

Technological innovation, radio management ushered in a new situation

However, with the advancement of technology, wireless communication applications are becoming more and more extensive, and China's radio management is also facing a new situation. For example, spectrum resources are scarce, broadband cluster bandwidth demand is strong, etc., which requires China's radio management to continue to open up, innovation and win-win to achieve the new normal radio management.

Carrying on the past: private network communication to meet the new normal

Undoubtedly, private network communication has always played a vital role in China's economic and social development, people's life and stability.

However, with the rapid development of China's economy and society, people have put forward new demands and new expectations for private network communication. People are no longer satisfied that private network communication can only be heard and heard clearly; they also hope to see and see clearly.

For example, Lu Gongchao said that the McWiLL private network previously built in Beijing was built by Xinwei and provided equipment. Beijing Gehua operated. In the more than 10 years of its operation, the technology and equipment performed well and completed various tasks. task.

With the rapid development of global broadband trunking communication and the establishment of a government-specific private network in Beijing under the new situation, a new generation of broadband band group solutions based on TD-LTE technology has begun to emerge, especially the B-TrunC (Broadband Cluster) Industry Alliance. The establishment of this process has accelerated this process. The B-TrunC system has high spectral efficiency, low latency, and support for voice and multimedia cluster services, which can meet user needs.

In addition, the standard is also internationally recognized. In November 2014, the sixth plenary session of the ITU-R Study Group 5 SG5 of the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Bureau reviewed and approved the revised version of the M.2009 Recommendation submitted by the WP5A Working Group, “Broadband Cluster Communication Based on LTE Technology (B -TrunC) System Interface Technical Requirements (Phase 1) Air Interface" is written in Recommendation M.2009, which identifies the B-TrunC system air interface officially becoming the ITU-R recommended PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) broadband cluster air Interface international standard.

New situation: innovation, cooperation and win-win situation can seek development

With the growing demand for broadband cluster construction, the creation of local government private networks has brought about new changes in China's private network market. Not only have cluster providers continue to increase, but also the government's private network construction model has undergone major changes. The innovation of construction mode and the win-win cooperation of cluster industry have become the main theme of the new era.

According to Lu Gongchao, the emergence of TD-LTE-based broadband clusters has enabled traditional public network equipment providers to enter the private network. For example, Huawei and ZTE have successfully entered the special network through public network. The online market, this will undoubtedly further enrich the private network market, making the competition in the private network market more reasonable and making users more selective. At the same time, due to the unification of broadband cluster standards, it enables devices of different manufacturers to adapt and interoperate, and change the situation of traditional cluster vendors to fight each other. You can cooperate and innovate under the same standard platform, so that China's broadband cluster industry will further expand. Be strong and achieve a win-win situation.

The demand for large-bandwidth spectrum in the broadband cluster system has also changed the network construction mode built by the original departments. The mode of a government-specific private network in the city is being recognized.

Lu Gongchao used the Beijing Municipal Government Affairs Network as an example. The Beijing Municipal Government Special Network created the model according to the whole city's one network. All departments realized communication on this special network. The private network runs on the 1.4G frequency band and has 20M bandwidth, which not only saves a lot of spectrum resources, but also complete 20M bandwidth can meet all the large bandwidth service requirements, such as video and big data file transmission.

In addition to a government-specific network model, Beijing Government Affairs Network also has a new construction and operation management model. Lu Gongchao said that the traditional government private network construction is carried out by the government itself for tendering, construction, operation and maintenance. However, the government's main business is not the operation and maintenance of the private network, which has caused various situations in the operation of some private networks. In order to avoid the emergence of these problems, the Beijing Municipal Government's private network has adopted a model of third-party construction, operation and maintenance, and Beijing's purchase of services.

The professional business is handed over to the professional company operation management to undoubtedly maximize the efficiency. At the same time, the purchase service model also greatly reduces the government's initial investment. It is understood that this model is currently being promoted nationwide. However, in this regard, Lu Gongchao hopes that in the future, operators such as Capitel will be able to do more, so that the industry will be more competitive under the premise of ensuring profits. So that the industry can achieve healthy and healthy development, so that all parties in the industry can achieve a win-win situation.

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