The central bank cuts the interest rate of the lighting industry?

The central bank cuts the interest rate of the lighting industry?

This year's Mother's Day is really bustling. It is estimated that all the small partners have been cut off by the Central Bank, and the central bank’s interest rate cut announcement means that for the real estate market, it will further promote the transaction since the “3·30 New Deal”. Rapidly rebounded, adding another fire to the warming property market. So, for the downstream industry of real estate - lighting industry geometry?

At 5:00 pm on May 10, 2015, the People's Bank of China announced that it has lowered the benchmark interest rate for RMB loans and deposits of financial institutions since May 11. The one-year benchmark lending rate of financial institutions was cut by 0.25 percentage point to 5.1%; the one-year benchmark interest rate was cut by 0.25 percentage point to 2.25%. In conjunction with the promotion of interest rate liberalization reform, the upper limit of the floating range of deposit rates of financial institutions was based on deposit criteria. The 1.3 times of the interest rate was adjusted to 1.5 times; the benchmark interest rates for other grade loans and deposits and deposit and lending rates for individual housing provident funds were adjusted accordingly. This is the second time since the rate cut on February 28 this year.

This move has made many bigwigs in the real estate industry even more happy. Analyst Zhang Hongwei, director of Tongze Consulting Research Department, believes that after the interest rate cut, for the real estate market, a wave of buyers will enter the market after the central bank cuts interest rates and other policies will stimulate market confidence, which will inevitably further increase, especially in the original market. Under the policy stimulus of 330 New Deal, for cities that have shown a fundamental recovery, the cost of home purchases has fallen again and the demand for the property market has further opened.

In response, Chen Baocun, chairman of the China Urban Industry Development Alliance, also summarized the impact of interest rate cuts on the property market: First, loans for development companies accounted for only 6% of the total loan amount, affecting the limited financial expenses of development companies; second, reducing the burden on home buyers. To destock, is conducive to real estate development companies; third, the individual profitability of the stock market, withdraw funds from the department to buy a house. For the stock market, it is good for the property market!

As we all know, the development of the lighting industry is closely related to the real estate industry. It can be said that the positive effects of the property market will also have the same economic effect on the lighting market. Each dynamic of the property market affects the nerves of lighting companies. Obviously, this rate cut is a great opportunity for lighting companies, because the interest rate cut will directly reduce the pressure of ordinary lenders' mortgages, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of buyers to actively enter the market, and further promote the real estate industry. development of. The development of the real estate industry is bound to bring good business opportunities to the market demand for lighting products involved in home improvement.

Admired by this news, the LED concept stocks also floated across the board today. According to China LED Network reported that as of 3 pm closing today, in the 34 LED related concept stocks, in addition to the suspension of the 8 stocks, the remaining 26 stocks rose across the board, no company "drops the chain." Among them, Mulinsen, Crystal Optoelectronics, Xinhai should limit the three shares, rectangular lighting rose 8.87%, Qinshang Optoelectronics rose 8.71%, Wanrun Technology rose 7.85%. The largest increase was in the packaging of the Great Seal of China National Star, only 0.61%, and the King of Lights came in second to last with an increase of 2.63%.

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