The local LED industry has a narrow structure and is concentrated in 4 major tribes

DIGITIMES Research pointed out that the current LED industry structure in mainland China is showing a “narrower and lower fertilizer” pattern. Taking 2010 as an example, the total output value of the local LED industry reached RMB 120 billion (approximately US$18.48 billion), of which 75% was output value. Downstream applications, 20.8% are LED packaging, only 4.2% is the LED chip output value.

If you look at the distribution of domestic LED manufacturers, there are similar situations. The number of downstream application vendors is as high as 2,500, LED packaging industry is 1,200, and the number of manufacturers with small-scale production is large; if the number of upstream LED chip manufacturers is considered, no matter whether it is mass produced or under construction, The total number of homes is about 70. It can be seen that the domestic industry chain is extremely uneven in the upper and lower reaches.

However, under the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, one of the objectives of the Chinese government is to improve the above situation and increase the self-preparation rate of each link in the LED industry chain. By 2015, its plans for LED chips, packaging materials and downstream applications will reach 70% and 90 respectively. %, 98% of the proportion.

The mainland has a vast territory. Although there are a large number of LED industry manufacturers, up to nearly 4,000, and the technology is uneven, the government has established 13 national semiconductor lighting bases. Through the overall planning method of the central level units, the development characteristics of the LED industry in each district are sought. And advantages, improve the overall level of the local LED industry.

If 13 national semiconductor lighting bases are differentiated by regional locations, the four major LED industry clusters can be divided into the Bohai Sea Region, the Pearl River Delta Region, the Yangtze River Delta region, Jiangxi, and Fujian. The Bohai Rim region in the north is close to the famous local universities, and R&D institutions are concentrated, so it has the advantage of developing semiconductor lighting technology; the Yangtze River Delta has formed a relatively complete LED industry chain and enterprise settlements, so the industry has rich experience and is located in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang. Other rich areas, so there is a solid fund to develop the LED industry.

If you look at the mainland, the Pearl River Delta LED packaging and LED applications settlement is the most obvious, and Guangdong Province in the development of semiconductor lighting is also better than other regions; Xiamen, Fujian Province because of the proximity to Taiwan, so the region's geographical advantage to attract investment in Taiwan. If we go westward, Jiangxi plans to develop semiconductor lighting as a “one hundred billion yuan industry” to promote local economic development.

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