Transparent bistable design LG concept display debut

Transparent bistable design LG concept display debut The SID Display 2011 display equipment exhibition held in Los Angeles this week was a splendid show. Many exhibitors showed their latest technological achievements, such as Samsung 10.1-inch 2560x1600 300ppi tablet screen, Toshiba 4-inch 367ppi mobile phone screen, etc. And so on, innovative technologies emerge in endlessly.

Today, LG introduced a 4.3-inch transparent bi-stable display. This monitor uses a low-power design to display monochrome images. The so-called bi-stable design means that the displayed image can remain stable regardless of the power switch. This means that when you turn off the power, the image will remain on the monitor.

In fact, the bi-stable display technology is not new, and there have been vendor R&D, but the products are poor. This LG 4.3-inch display screen is still only a concept, when the mass production of the market can not be known.

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