"Twelfth Five-Year" semiconductor lighting plan started to try to innovate

According to the overall arrangement of the National 863 Program of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the “National High-Tech Research and Development Plan (863 Program) Management Implementation Rules (Trial)”, on September 7th, the Ministry of Science and Technology’s High-tech Division organized 12 countries in Beijing. The 863 Program new material field high-efficiency semiconductor lighting key materials technology research and development major project implementation program feasibility demonstration meeting.

According to the development status of semiconductor lighting technology in China, the project has carried out specific deployment of key key technologies for the development of semiconductor lighting in the midstream industry, from the frontier technology research and key technologies of industrialization, and determined the preparation technology of large-size silicon substrate white LED. , 150lm / W white LED technology research, high-reliability low-cost white LED industrialization key technology, white light OLED lighting key technologies and other key research tasks. The project focuses on improving the international core competitiveness and independent innovation capability of China's semiconductor lighting industry, embodying the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020) and the national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy requirements, in line with the national key support direction. It is of great significance to realize China's lighting energy conservation, adjust the traditional lighting industry structure and cultivate strategic emerging industries. The participating experts agreed that the overall thinking of the project is clear, the tasks and objectives are clear, the technical route and implementation plan are feasible, the subject is decomposed reasonably, the assessment indicators are specific, operational, and the project is approved.

Prior to this, on September 5th, the 12th Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Program semiconductor lighting application system technology integration and demonstration project also passed the feasibility demonstration. The project mainly focuses on the problems of low reliability, low cost performance, non-standardization, lack of detection methods and means for white LED light source and lighting fixtures, and solves high reliability, low cost, standardized LED indoor and outdoor lighting sources, lamps and system integration technologies. Power, multi-purpose, special lighting technology, intelligent, networked control system technology, efficient, high-reliability LED drive power technology, LED light source and lamp failure mechanism and reliability research, semiconductor lighting test method research and testing and quality certification Comprehensive technical issues such as platform construction.

In order to do a good job in organizing the projects of the above two projects, the National Semiconductor Lighting Project Management Office and the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance organized authoritative experts at home and abroad to conduct a number of program demonstrations, except for the perspective of technology and industrial development. This project will also explore innovations in institutional mechanisms during the implementation process. The 863 project will adopt a diversified organization according to different tasks, give full play to the role of the strategic alliance of technological innovation in the semiconductor lighting industry, strengthen the substantive cooperation between industry, academia and research to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. The support plan project will use the semiconductor lighting industry technology and technology innovation strategic alliance as the organizational unit, focus on exploring the operating mechanism and sharing mode of the open common technology innovation platform that enterprises participate in, and establish enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, diversified investment and financing. And an effective mechanism to promote the transformation of results.

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