Ultra-practical automotive electronic CAN bus development test solution

Is it still because there is no high-end CAN test instrument, can not develop CAN bus? Today tells you: CAN card can also let you play car CAN bus development test.

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CAN bus is mostly used in the automotive field. In the development and testing phase of CAN bus, it is necessary to develop and test its single-node performance, multi-node networking communication, network topology, etc., which requires virtual, semi-virtual, all physical simulation test platform, and must Test whether each node meets the error response mechanism specified in ISO11898, so the development of CAN bus requires professional development test tools, and a batch of easy-to-use production line test tools are also needed in the production stage. CAN bus development test tools are mainly CANScope, CANalyst-II, Passiontech DiagRA, canAnalyser, X-Analyser, AutoCAN, CANspider and so on. Because these devices are expensive, not all companies have the ability to purchase, but USB to CAN can also achieve most of the functions of these devices, to achieve the smooth development of automotive CAN bus.

Next, the USBCAN-2E-U is taken as an example for explanation.


Figure 1 USBCAN-2E-U

First, the operation steps

Operation 1: Open the CANtest ​​universal test software, select the USBCAN-2E-U interface card, and select the baud rate of the bus, click OK and start, start the CAN interface card, as shown in Figure 2;


Figure 2 Open CANtest ​​software initialization

Operation 2: Click the DBC parsing button in the menu shortcut operation to enter the DBC parsing interface, as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3 Open DBC parsing

Operation 3: DBC analysis interface, click to load DBC, select the corresponding DBC file to open, this article takes J1939 protocol as an example, select j1939.dbc to open, analyze diesel engine, truck or bus and other protocols, as shown in Figure 4;


Figure 4 loading the DBC file

Operation 4: At this time, the data can be parsed by DBC, and the user can use the classified display or refresh the display to view. Click on a message and the application data contained in this frame will be displayed in the analysis box below. As shown in FIG. 5, the fourth byte in the ID 0x0CF0041A is 0x6C, and the fifth byte is 0xD6. According to the SAE_J1939-71 protocol, the 4th and 5th bytes in the electronic engine controller #1:EEC1 (message name) represent EngSpeed ​​(engine speed). Data length: 2 bytes Resolution: 0.125 rpm/bit increment, starting from 0 rpm (high byte resolution = 32 rpm/bit) Data range: 0 to 8013.875 rpm can calculate the speed: 0xD66C*0.125 is 6861.50 rpm (transfer / minute). (Note: For the definition and analysis of other parameters, please refer to SAE_J1939-71 protocol: CD\Description Document Directory\16. Annex 9: SAE_J1939-71 Agreement)


Figure 5 DBC protocol analysis results

Tip: When using the classification display function, the software will mark the changed data, which can help the user to quickly complete the variable identification work. For example, to know the CANID and data segment corresponding to the steering wheel, you can use this method to run, turn the steering wheel, and observe the reddening variable, that is, corresponding.

Second, the scope of application

In addition to the application in the development of automotive CAN bus, USB to CAN card is also applicable in the following three aspects:

l Industrial control testing;

l Automotive electronic maintenance and repair;

l Protocol cracking.

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