Under the trend of LED popularization, enterprises have long occupied the market and profited early.

Recently, TCL Group released its 2010 interim results report. According to the report, from January to June, the company's total revenue was 23.166 billion yuan, net profit was 158 million yuan, up 59.35% year-on-year. Specific to the two core businesses, TCL Multimedia lost a loss of 334 million Hong Kong dollars during the reporting period. board.

For the huge losses in the first half of the year, TCL Multimedia gave many reasons: if the growth forecast of the domestic color TV industry failed to meet expectations, the pre-inventory increased. In order to accelerate the LED growth, the inventory cleaning of the old LCD products was concentrated in the second quarter. , increased sales costs.

A number of Chinese color TV manufacturers have just issued such a sigh last month: "The domestic color TVs are not good this year." Due to the collective downward adjustment of LCD panel prices in recent months, the price loss of domestic color TV inventory products continues to increase. In fact, the blind optimism about the domestic color TV consumer market this year has led to the “high water level” of color TV inventory in the domestic market. Among all the loss factors in the first half of TCL, the loss from the inventory clearance in China is the biggest, and due to the traditional The inventory clearance of CCFL-backlit LCD TV products will continue until August of this year. Therefore, the performance of TCL Multimedia in the third quarter will still be affected.

Color TV manufacturers collective price cuts digestive inventory

The main reason for this high inventory is the judgment of color TV manufacturers on the domestic color TV consumer market this year. According to statistics from Aowei Consulting, the retail sales of domestic color TVs reached 19.94 million units in the first half of 2010, up only 28% year-on-year, which was greatly reduced compared with the 100% expected at the beginning of the year.

In order to meet the market season in the first half of the year, at the beginning of this year, domestic color TV manufacturers increased the procurement scale of CCFL LCD panels and reserved enough inventory for the peak season. However, the demand for LCD TVs in the market did not reach the expected level in the first half of the year, making the whole machine The actual actual size of the enterprise and the expected gap have led to an increase in CCFL LCD TV inventory.

If the inventory of 500,000 CCFL-backlit LCD TVs and the average price per panel of 200 yuan are calculated, the price loss of each color TV manufacturer in China will reach about 100 million yuan, because the panel of this part of the stock color TV is basically purchased in April. of.

All major color TV manufacturers are counting on the current stocks to be digested in July and August. This year's "11" promotion is definitely the LED TV market. If the manufacturers can't digest the CCFL backlight LCD TV inventory in time, it may be in the "11". "The sales season is facing a dilemma: inventory is unclear, LED TV can not rush to price promotions, LED TV does not cut prices, will certainly be seized by other manufacturers.

LED popularization trend into the early layout to occupy the market early

In 2010, after entering mass production, China's LED LCD TV industry began to gradually enter the “pro-people period” in terms of price. The awareness of consumers gradually increased and began to enter the category of ordinary families. According to Zhong Yikang statistics, from January to May this year, China's LED TV sales volume was 400,000 units, an increase of 8278.13% year-on-year; sales were 4.1 billion yuan, an increase of 3059.48%.

Zhong Yikang research director Peng Yu also said that "LED LCD TV will enter the period of heavy volume growth." And Zhao Weijun, deputy director of Aowei Consulting Research, believes that LED TV has just been launched in the first half of last year, the market is not yet in the market introduction period, last year's full year The sales are only 900,000 units. However, this year's LED TV market has increased in volume, and it is expected that the annual sales will hit 5.5 million units.

Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Group, said frankly: "Our LED layout is really slow. Last year, TCL Multimedia only planned one LED product line, and the product line positioning is relatively high-end. At the beginning of this year, it was found that the product positioning was wrong, and the adjustment was delayed."

At the beginning of this year, LED sales accounted for only 2% of TCL color TV sales, and rose to 8% in June, accounting for 10% in July. “Now the LED sales volume in the entire market is close to 20%, we are also fast. Improvement, the goal is to hope that by the end of December, LED backlights account for about 30% of the overall sales. It is estimated that the average market level is also around 30% at that time, so it can reach the market average at the end of the year.

According to Skyworth Digital's July TV sales data, Skyworth Digital's domestic flat-panel TV sales reached 403,600 units in July, an increase of 9.8% from June. However, this growth is clearly based on the inventory clearance of ordinary LCD TVs. Because in July, Skyworth Digital's domestic LED TV sales volume was only 67,800 units, a sharp decrease of 25% compared with June; while LED TVs accounted for 24% of total domestic flat-panel TV sales, down from July's 24% in July. 16.8%. Skyworth Digital One Middle Level said that according to the current promotion efforts, the sales volume in one month is at least 400,000 units.

More than just the Chinese market, DisplaySearch recently reported that the latest global TV shipment survey report shows that last year, with the global LED-backlit LCD TV shipments of 3.6 million units, this year, with the continued decline in LED backlight module prices, LED Backlight LCD TV shipments are expected to reach 35 million units, accounting for 20% of the world's 180 million LCD TVs.

The report further pointed out that in 2011, LED backlighting large-size panel shipment ratio will reach 56%, traditional backlight panel shipments will fall to 44%, and by 2015, LED panel shipment penetration will reach 78%.

Although panel manufacturers are facing pressure, LED backlight manufacturers are welcoming "Yangchun March". According to statistics, China's LED TV market share will reach 60% next year, and this growth rate is significantly faster than expected at the beginning of the year. The structure and scale of LED TV supply chain of Chinese color TV manufacturers still stay at the beginning of the underestimation. Therefore, it is a top priority for color TV manufacturers to quickly solve the upstream supply chain problem of LED backlights.

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