Will it be listed next year? Apple is revealed to launch MR TV

Apple is no longer satisfied with the iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and perhaps the next few years, this technology giant will "eat up" your living room. Technology savvy home Robert Scoble believes that Apple can achieve this through a real-world TV and integrates MR technology into the TV.

Apple is revealed to launch MR TV
Scober pointed out: "I firmly believe that Cook and Jobs once sat down and talked about the future of television (TV), and within 11 months, they will show you the future of television because they are putting the PrimeSense sensor directly. Embedded in TVs, iPads, and iPhones. So under these conditions, you can achieve this kind of mixed reality to some extent."

He firmly believes that Apple can carry innovative technologies into different fields, and he also publishes this idea on Facebook. However, the patent he mentioned is the iPhone's augmented reality map mapping system that was previously reported. The technology will be connected to potential TV products in the same way. It still needs further observation.

Compared with MR and AR, VR is more liked by users because it can bring deeper immersion to users. This is why VR can continue to be popular today. In addition, VR's explosiveness has also enabled industry players to actively promote VR technology, allowing VR technology to achieve great development in a short period of time. For example, the launch of the HTC VIVE and Cool Open Door VR all-in-one is a VR technology. Verification, and Apple wants to push MR TV unless Apple's MR has a great breakthrough, otherwise the launch will be a less successful product.

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