Yiguang won four major lighting brand OEM orders in the LED factory with cold-resistant physique

With the price war of North American brand manufacturers, stimulating the demand for LED lighting, Yiguang's LED lighting orders are optimistic from September to October. In order to meet the customer's price demand, Yiguang has dispersed LED chip procurement sources. Adopting mainland LED chips; not afraid of the chaos of the LED industry, the pace of expansion of the new plant of Yiguang Copper and Copper Co., Ltd. remains unchanged.

As the price of LED lighting in the North American market accelerates to the bottom, and the major manufacturers are launching low-cost LED bulbs, Ronda has judged that the LED supply chain needs a quarter of time adjustment, but Everlight has already experienced the return of LED lighting orders. It is believed that the LED lighting orders will be optimistic from September to October, and this year's LED lighting components will see 2 digits in growth.

The second quarter revenue of Everlight was 7.056 billion yuan, down 7.73% year-on-year. However, with the return of orders, this quarter's operation is expected to resume growth, and Yiguang's August revenue has returned to growth, with a monthly increase of 3.61% to 2.334 billion. yuan.

In the recent legal briefings of the company, Yiguang did not say that the quality of the LED chips of Jingdian is relatively good, but the LED chips of mainland manufacturers are on the lighting products, both in terms of price and performance, so this year For the first time, LED lighting products have adopted Lu's wafers to disperse the source of LED wafers.

In the LED lighting industry, Everlight has won the OEM orders for the four major lighting brands. Next, it will attack the five major lighting channel orders. In the second half of the year, the LED industry will not be busy in the peak season, but the product line of Yiguang is scattered, and the LED market for mobile phone flash is used. The proportion is as high as 40%, and it has relatively cold-resistant body in the LED factory.

As for the new factory of Yiguang Copper Mine, the capital expenditure of this year is about 2 billion yuan, and the follow-up equipment will be added according to the market conditions.

Everlight's EPS reached 2.05 yuan in the first half of this year. It is one of the few LED factories that have substantial profits. Although the LED industry is weak in the second quarter, the peak season is not prosperous in the second half of the year. However, the legal person still maintains the estimated EPS of this year to 4 yuan. Above, after the stock price of Yiguang fell, it encouraged specific buying to enter the market. Yesterday, under the foreign investment of 800, it encouraged the company to stabilize the 50-yuan integer checkpoint. The wave low was 34 yuan, and the cumulative increase was 47%. . At present, the net value of billion light per share is 38.3 yuan, which is a few LED factories whose stock price is higher than the net value per share. The closing price yesterday was 50.3 yuan, up 1.62%.

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