Zhang Xiaofei: 10% of patents are only concentrated in the field of packaging and application

In stark contrast to the enthusiasm of the domestic LED industry, the export market has been repeatedly splashed with cold water. The latest report from the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau shows that 4 of the lamps that were recalled by the European Union in the first half of the year have become LED lamps, and the export of LED products is worrying.

The data shows that in the first 10 months of last year, Shenzhen's lighting industry export enterprises suffered 61 cancellation orders, 13 detained goods, 1 destruction of goods, 5 returned goods, direct loss of 76 million US dollars, and new cost of 45 million US dollars.

At present, Shenzhen has become the country's largest production and supply base for solar LED lights, LED backlights and LED displays, of which 70% of LCD products are sold overseas.

From May to July this year, the European Commission's non-food warning system issued separate notifications for Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, and issued consumer warnings for various LED products produced in China. At present, the above products have been ordered to be recalled from consumers by the relevant authorities.

“Technology and patents are lacking,” said Zhang Xiaofei, secretary general of the China LED Industry Theme Summit Forum. Since the LED core patent technology has been monopolized by LED giants such as Europe, America and Japan, many companies have been subject to patent litigation overseas and suffered major economic losses. More business owners told reporters that their products could not be exported because of the patent and technical requirements.

Relevant data shows that in the relevant patent countries of LED applications, the total number of patents in Europe, America and Japan accounts for 85% to 90% of the world's total, while the share of Chinese patents is less than 10%. Zhang Xiaofei said that 10% of the patents are only concentrated in the middle and lower-end packaging and application fields. There are very few patents related to upstream core chips and epitaxy, and “patents are often used for project, for production and practical. There are not many strong people."

Some experts in the industry believe that although China's LED industry is hot today, there are not many large enterprises with real strength, and SMEs account for the vast majority. Many enterprises have no ability and are not willing to invest more in patents and technologies. The corresponding technology of LED is generally immature, so in the face of patent technology barriers, many companies have been blocked.

Although the government and enterprises have tried many ways to deal with the growing trade barriers, the status of LED product exports is difficult to change. Shenzhen recently established the country's first LED patent alliance to resolve the patent crisis, but some experts expressed doubts about how much the alliance can play.

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