Zhouming Technology's 68 million acquisition of Lanpu Technology to develop a small-pitch LED segment

On the evening of September 30, Zhou Ming Technology (300232) announced that it will further enhance the company's competitiveness in the market segments such as small-pitch products and overseas high-end rental LED screens. Market share, with the existing project resources of Shenzhen Lanpu Technology Co., Ltd. and the relevant advantages of the business network, to create a competitive advantage in the market segment through synergy, the 21st meeting of the second board of directors of the company deliberated and adopted the company's own The proposal to acquire 100% equity of Lanpu Technology.

The company plans to cooperate with Zhan Hongshui, Fang Rongzhen, Wu Yuesheng, Yu Silin, Weng Xiaoyong, Shenzhen China Merchants Technology Investment Co., Ltd., Huaxi Jinzhi Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Borui Shengde Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhaoke Innovation Investment Fund A total of nine shareholders of the partnership (limited partnership) signed the "Equity Transfer Agreement", stipulating the acquisition of 100% equity of Lanpu Technology with its own funds of RMB 68 million.

Advantages of Automatic wiring harness Braided Sleeving For Cable Harness

1. Economical & easy to install light weight, and flexible    

2.Resists gasoline, chemicals & cleaning solvents

3.High tensile strength

4. Easy to be Cut & abrasion resistant


Description and Application of Pet Braided Sleeve

PET expandable sleeving is braided from 0.20MM or 0.25MM polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarn. The sleeving easily expands up to 150% and gently constricts around irregular shapes. It remains flexible over a wide temperature range and is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation and abrasion.
Expandable Braided Sleeves is ideal for a limitless number of electronic, automotive, marine and industrial wire management and bundling applications. Examples include engine compartment dress up, home theater wire management, customizing computer case wiring, office wire management, automotive harnesses, scuba hose protection, and many more. Threads of different colors and textures could be woven into different patterns. Each of our products is tailored to the client's business and needs.

Part 1--Advantage of Cable Sleeve

1.Can be cut by scissor and not fray
2..Light Weight & Flexible 
3.Abrasion Resistant
4.Flame retardant
5.perfect for field  

Part 2--Introduce of pet Braided Sleeve For Cable harness

1. Flame-retardant and halogen-free.

2.Can be cut with a common scissors without obvisous fray.

3.Softer and easier to be use on the outdoor fielad .

4. It offers durable abrasion resistance in a wide range of industrial applications.

5. The open weave construction allows an easy installation on a bundle of hoses

    and cables, even if some with bulky or large connectors.

6. Totally expanded the sleeving can reach at least one point five times than the initial dimension.

7. Suitable for constructing and protecting cable harnesses or tidying cable looms.

Pet Sleeving

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